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Shelly Boom
Last update: 26-01-2023

IXON receives Industry 4.0 Ready Certification in accordance with Transizione 4.0

The IXON Cloud platform and the machinery integrating it meet the requirements for obtaining tax benefits in Italy.

Italy, May 10th, 2021 -  IXON, the leading remote service and IIoT solution provider for industrial machines and installations, has been certified to comply with the requirements of Industry 4.0 capital goods, indicated in the Italian Budget Law.

Industry 4.0 is becoming increasingly more common, prompting more and more companies worldwide to shift towards the latest technologies and utilising them as a key source of competitive advantage. However, the costs of implementing these new technologies are still a hurdle for many. To support Italian companies when adopting such changes, the Italian government devised a legislation called Transizione 4.0. This legislation grants tax benefits intended to provide stability and certainty when investing in Industry 4.0 technologies. 

This is a good fit with IXON’s mission to support OEMs with the implementation of Industry 4.0 and IIoT in particular. Being certified as Industry 4.0 Ready means IXON is more accessible to Italian companies, which in turn helps us support machine builders every step of their journey.

Italy is one of the biggest players in machine building worldwide. The Transizione 4.0 legislative is an excellent example of governmental support that elevates Italian companies even further and helps them compete even better in the future. We are very pleased to receive the Industry 4.0 Ready Certification, which validates that the IXON products and services are a plug-and-play solution, creating true added value and making any industrial machine IoT-ready.

Willem Hofmans
Bureau Veritas Certification Bureau Veritas Certification

Bureau Veritas, one of the world’s leading certification bodies in Europe, conducted an extensive investigation of IXON’s products and services. They carried out checks and tests according to the specification drawn up by Bureau Veritas Italia SpA, resulting in a report of the verifications and tests performed on the IXON Cloud. This report shows that the IXON Cloud provides the tools and functionalities for the interconnection and integration of industrial Machinery and plants in the context of Industry 4.0. It has examined whether the tangible and intangible capital goods meet all the conditions set out in the Budget Law in order to take advantage of the tax benefits. 

We concluded that based on the tests and outcomes, the IXON Cloud platform is designed to meet the requirements necessary for obtaining tax benefits.

Antonio Dambrosio
Engineer at Bureau Vertias

The Industry 4.0 Ready Certification of IXON is an important step towards Industry 4.0 and its implementation for the Italian machine industry. As a result, more companies are now able to have an efficient and beneficial collaboration with IXON enabling them to invest in new Industry 4.0 technologies or update existing ones. In this collaboration, IXON can help them progress in their journeys and benefit from, among others, increased productivity and flexibility.

For more information about the Industry 4.0 Ready Certification get in touch with Rada Swetschnikar via rada.swetschnikar@ixon.cloud or +31 (0) 618062370.