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IIoT is a complex subject to discuss, but its implementation is even more difficult. Yet it offers many new, valuable possibilities. We are more than happy to help you along with a library full of articles with useful tips, manuals and advice.

Ixon Studio Featured
Customise your IIoT Portal with IXON Studio

Customise your IIoT Portal with IXON Studio. Create dashboards, add widgets and customise machine cards to meet your specific needs.

4 min. read
User Management Featured
Advanced role-based access control

Advanced role-based access control makes it possible to collaborate in the best way with colleagues, customers and partners in IXON Cloud.

4 min. read
Introduction Ixon Cloud Featured
Introducing the new IXON Cloud 2 interface

Discover IXON Cloud 2 and learn about the possibilities of the Admin, Fleet Manager, Portal & IXON Studio app and see what it has to offer.

5 min. read
Press Release Picture 1
IXON launches new IXON Cloud 2 platform with major upgrade

IXON Cloud 2 is launched on 2 February 2021! Check out this article for an overview of everything the new platform has to offer.

3 min. read
Iiot Maturity Model Manufacturing Industry
How to rise in the IIoT Maturity Model for the manufacturing industry

This model forms the foundation of future plans for your IoT journey in the manufacturing industry: from Digitalisation to Industry 4.0.

4 min. read
Ixon Cloud Brochure
IXON Cloud brochure

Get the latest IXON brochure here.

1 min. read
Release Notes
Release notes October 2020

New features, optimizations and bugfixes for IXON's IoT products.

1 min. read
Dorset Group Digestate Dryer With Remixing
Dorset Group: from raw system data to optimal processes

The switch from remote-access platform proves successful. Monitoring and aggregating raw data from drying systems provides better insights.

3 min. read
Eplan IXON 2
IXrouter included in EPLAN Data Portal

IXON's IXrouter and accessories have been included in the EPLAN Data Portal, which makes designing control cabinets much easier.

3 min. read
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