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IIoT is a complex subject to discuss, but its implementation is even more difficult. Yet it offers many new, valuable possibilities. We are more than happy to help you along with a library full of articles with useful tips, manuals and advice.

Wientjens Cloud Dasboards
How data logging taught Wientjens more about their machines in the field

Wientjens got surprising insights about their machines and customers by analysing data in IXON Cloud, and created new service models.

4 min. read
Vecoplan Vez3200 40 2 (1)
How Vecoplan convinces its customers to connect their machines to the cloud

Vecoplan found a solution to convince their customers to keep their machines online. Find out how they did it in this case study.

5 min. read
IXON Field Service Efficiency
5 ways to improve field service efficiency in the machine building industry with Industrial IoT

Discover how Industrial IoT provides engineers with 5 benefits that help to improve their field service efficiency in manufacturing.

5 min. read
IXON After Sales Service Strategy
A stronger after sales strategy for OEM machine builders

A strong after sales strategy is highly important for OEM machine builders to keep up with the competition and generate recurring revenue.

5 min. read
Ixon Opc Foundation
IXON becomes member of OPC Foundation

IXON B.V. is pleased to announce its membership in the OPC Foundation. Read more in our official statement.

2 min. read
Chip Crisis
How OEMs adapt to the global chip shortage

The global chip shortage has a huge impact on machine builders. Find out how they adapt to the chip crisis that's still lasting in 2022.

3 min. read
Component Sdk Featured
Unlimited possibilities to fulfil your needs with IXON Cloud and the Component SDK

The new Component Software Development Kit makes it easy and secure to quickly develop your own components to completely meet your needs.

6 min. read
Capture (2)
IIoT course featuring IXON solution starting at IES Cavanilles in 2022

With the growing importance of IIoT, IES Cavanilles is adding a Smart Manufacturing course with a specialisation on IIoT to its curriculum.

5 min. read
IXON Trends In Industrial Automation
5 trends shaping industrial automation in 2022

What are the trends in industrial automation for 2022? IIoT is becoming increasingly important. Discover the 5 biggest trends around IIoT.

4 min. read
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