The powerful IXrouter software is also available in PLCs from different manufacturers. The IXagent offers seamless integration with the IXON Cloud, without requiring additional hardware in the form of the IXrouter.

Supported hardware

Become IXON IoT partner

Integrate the IXagent into your controller to increase your customer base, win new projects, and prepare your business for the IoT revolution.

Short Time to Market

Quickly ready your equipment for connectivity and security, without investing in the costly and time-consuming development of custom software.

Cross-platform support

IXagent is available for Linux / Windows platforms, as well as ARM, MIPS, and X86 processor architectures.

Transparent VPN Connection

Remotely debug and upload new software to your PLC or HMI with a reliable VPN connection through the IXON Cloud.

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Cloud Access

Installing a VPN Client is a thing of the past. Manage HMIs and access web-based controls directly from your browser.

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Cloud Logging

Gain insight into your machines. Turn on IXON Cloud Logging to automatically pull your data from the PLC, send it securely to the cloud, and access it through advanced dashboards.

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Security is key

The security of your data and machines is of the utmost importance, and IXON meets the highest security standards.

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Explore the all-in-one IXON Cloud

We believe in the power of all-in-one solutions. With the IXON Cloud's advanced techniques you can deliver remote service, monitor your machines, set up alerts, and create high-end data reports.


No recurring costs

Unlimited users and full use of VPN and Cloud Access – with no monthly subscription fees. *

* In-platform subscriptions can be purchased for advanced functionalities.

Cloud apps

Develop your own apps powered by the robust IXON Cloud back-engine.

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Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

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Improve your machine services globally with IXON’s industrial IoT platform.

Get ready to connect!

The IXON Cloud is completely web-based and accessible on your smartphone or tablet.

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