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    Seamless integration between cloud, edge connectivity and machine.

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    Developing is fun, but how are you going to maintain your solution? Choose SaaS and security is guaranteed.

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    Optimise machine production and decrease unplanned downtime with better insights and faster access.

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    Scalable from remote access to data analysis and predictive maintenance. Set up IXON Cloud completely to your liking.

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Incredibly enthusiastic users, that's why we do it.

Our customers truly see the added value. We work more efficiently and provide targeted, higher quality service. That way they have less unplanned downtime.

Rick Kokx (Engineer) BMO Automation

IXON delivers a fairly complex solution that's very easy to use. That philosophy fits perfectly with ours.

Heico Sandee (Managing Director) Smart Robotics

Our customers are running top production numbers because of the real-time management information they get from our IoT portal.

Freddy Dekkers (CEO) Water IQ International

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