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Central portal for remote machine management

Connect, manage and maintain your machines from your own web-based service portal. With the extensive user management features, you can structure your machines and platform to your liking and share access to optimise your service capabilities.

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Simplified & instant remote access

Get instant remote access to your machines from around the globe – it’s never been this easy. IXON’s edge connectivity ensures a reliable connection to any modern IPC, PLC, HMI or robots in the field, and protects your customer’s network. 

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Powerful data logging and dashboarding tools

Collect, store and analyse machine data without any coding. Transform your local machine data into web-based dashboards – with just a few clicks. Use historical and live data to:

  • Analyse performance for uptime improvement
  • Apply insights to enhance your next machine design
  • Get notified about needed replacements of wear & tear parts

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Customise your IoT platform with ease

IXON Cloud is built for scaling. No single user's requirements are the same, so we've made sure you can adjust the platform to specific needs. Customise your fleet overview and machine dashboards, white label the platform or integrate third-party applications. Create your custom solution and use your IoT platform as a tool for new revenue opportunities. 

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