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Remote Service Platform for Industrial Equipment

A proven and reliable remote service solution supports machine builders, system integrators and engineers to work remotely in industrial automation. Start now with troubleshooting and machine maintenance wherever you are.

What are you gonna do when your machines don’t work or a malfunction occurs at a remote location? Any unplanned downtime will cost your customer production time.

Reduce your site visits, find and solve machine downtime remotely and create more flexibility in the way you, or your partners, work and support industrial equipment (e.g. PLC, HMI, robots and sensors), anywhere in the world. #hasslefreeiot with just one single remote service platform.

IXON - Remote Service Portal for machine builders and system integrators

What is Remote Service?

Remote Service (also know as remote access, maintenance, support and troubleshooting) are an essential part in industrial automation for resolving machine downtime and restarting production in less time. Remote service software is used to remotely monitor, access and repair industrial machines in use at customer sites. With our all-in-one solution, every OEM and system integrator can benefit from Industrial IoT, and remote access is a good place to start.

A fast web-based remote access platform, powerful user management and a stable VPN connection enable remote working. Engineers can do everything they would normally do – such as programming, modify and monitor PLCs, HMIs and robots – from any location, with any device. It saves support costs and increases your machine availability for your customer.

IXON: Your Remote Service Portal

IXON’s end-to-end Industrial IoT solution helps you solve machine problems or perform remote maintenance to your systems. The web-based portal contains all the essentials tools to provide to give you secure remote access to your machines and enables collaboration. Our integrated connectivity devices get you up and running in minutes and protect your customer’s network from intruders.

It's very affordable (no licences, no limits), saves you valuable setup time, easy in use, and you can upgrade at any time to use our data features to create machine reports. Discover our key features below.

Web-based platform

All you need is an internet connection and a browser to access IXON’s SaaS platform and provide remote support for your industrial systems. We take care of monitoring, updating and securing the platform to ensure a reliable remote service solution and provide you with great performance around the world.

Web-based remote service platform Web-based remote service platform
Connectivity for remote service Connectivity for remote service

Reliable connectivity with easy setup

Reliable connectivity is a must for remote service. The IXrouter is a combined industrial VPN router and edge gateway with models for Ethernet, WiFi and 4G/cellular. It fits in any control cabinet and connects industrial equipment to the IXON platform in less than 2 minutes. Remote connect to all major PLC, HMI and robot brands.

The built-in firewall protects the corporate network. The IXrouter is Plug & Play and you can test it for free!

Remote Access (VPN)

Discover easy web based remote access and remotely connect to all your industrial machines (e.g. PLCs, HMI, robots) over a secure VPN connection – for PC and mobile devices. Quickly access log files, deploy new software and troubleshoot problems remotely.

Manage and connect to all your machines and collaborate with your business partners from anywhere with role-based user management – no need for additional software or license keys. Troubleshooting and remote PLC maintenance has never been easier.

Web based remote access to PLC, HMI, robots Web based remote access to PLC, HMI, robots
Remote control of HMI panels Remote control of HMI panels

Control HMIs and teach pendants from robots securely

Gain full control of your robot’s teach pendant or HMI screen and view or adjust the settings and consult the dashboard. Remote control HMI panels via your web portal and IXON app via a secure VNC-over-VPN connection.

Invite your customers (easy and free) and give them access so they can operate their HMI panel anywhere, even on their smartphone.

Access to web server and IP camera

Open the web server of PLCs, robots or IP-cameras via the HTTP-over-VPN connection. Show statistics, change settings or watch live video streams via the IXON platform or the companion app. Machine monitoring from any device.

Remote monitoring of PLC web server and vision camera Remote monitoring of PLC web server and vision camera
Easy collaboration with RBAC Easy collaboration with RBAC

Share access and invite customers

Give your customers access to their machines so they can see machine status and control the HMI panel from anywhere. Share VPN access with your service partners for troubleshooting. Give each type of user the right machine access and tools.

Fully managed and configured online at no extra cost!

And more...

Launch your own remote service platform with our white labelling feature and convert hardware, web portal and apps into your brand. Or capture machine data and build your own machine dashboards. Added value from the first use!

We hope these are more than enough reasons to try IXON Cloud and explore the benefits for yourself.

Custom branding and white labelling Custom branding and white labelling

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