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[Video] Cloud Notify: Machine alarms and notifications explained
Explore how you can easily be informed about machine events to prevent machine downtime and plan maintenance with alarms & notifications. View video here >
[Video] Machine (PLC) data logging and dashboarding explained
Collecting and logging the PLC data in the cloud is hard? Not with IXON Cloud. In this video, we show you how easy and fast you can benefit of your machine data and create stunning dashboards!
[Video] Cloud Access explained
Discover the easiest way to control the Human Machine Interface (HMI) or access the web server from the PLC.
[Video] 3 Steps to set up secure remote access with IXON Cloud
This video shows the 3 easy steps how to set up a secure VPN connection to your industrial machine with the IXrouter, through your IoT portal in the IXON Cloud.
How to set up secure remote access for industrial machines
Instant and secure remote access to industrial machines and installations is very easy to set up with IXON Cloud. We tell you how remote access and VPN work and how you can benefit from reduced maintenance costs and increased uptimes as well.
Industrial IoT Starter Kit for IXON Cloud
Quick-start your Industrial IoT project with a Plug & Play IoT solution. Easily connect your industrial equipment with the IXrouter to the IXON Cloud. Request your free Industrial IoT Starter Kit here →
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