[Case study] Easy-to-use remote access saves time when installing complex control systemsSwitching to IXON Cloud has given AASYS insight into who last accessed their machines

AASYS provides the software and electrical engineering for machine builders and factory owners who mainly operate in the food and packaging industry. Despite the fact that AASYS already provided remote support, they continued their search for a more complete remote access solution.

Bart Aernouts, founder and engineer at AASYS gives a little glimpse as to why they felt the need to switch to a different remote access solution. “Our main goal was to help our customers more quickly,” Bart states. AASYS experienced several hiccups in their previous solution. “User rights management, in particular, was complex,” Bart explains.

Download the case study to discover which features AASYS was missing in their previous solutions and how they used IXON Cloud to achieve their goal of helping customers more quickly.

Download case study

Case Study AASYS smart automation - Easy-to-use remote access saves time installing complex control systems - IXON Cloud

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