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IXON & EyeTech join forces to provide

The most user-friendly IoT Platform for Machine Builders in Sweden


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Quickly set up secure machine access, insights and alarms with an easy-to-use Industrial loT solution.

  • Save engineering hours
    The easiest installation you can imagine. Remote Access to PLC's was never that simple to set up. Efficient machine and robot support with remote and web access.
  • Innovate faster
    Start immediately with IIoT without coding. Make IXON Cloud your own IIoT portal, using your corporate identity, and allow your customers to make the switch to Industry 4.0 (e.g. predictive maintenance, A.I.).
  • Get happier customers
    Optimized machines with insights into real-time machine data, dashboards and alarms. Introduce new business models and give your customer access.

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4 Reasons why customers choose IXON Cloud

Your own IIoT platform in no-time

Your free IXON Cloud account always comes with the ability to whitelabel the platform as your own. With a short time-to-market for your custom platform, you’ll no longer require massive amounts of specialised skills and a large budget to set up your own portal for you and your customers.

Futureproof and scalable IoT solution

With IXON Cloud, you have a future-proof IIoT platform at your disposal. So that while you can start small, using Remote Access (VPN) and you’re ready to start scaling up in the future with Data Logging, Dashboards and Alarms.

Easiest set-up on the market today

The collaboration between IXON Cloud and IXON’s connectivity devices ensures the easiest set-up on the market today. Just put the configuration file on the USB-stick, plug it into the IXrouter and your machine will be online in minutes.
Nidec Netherlands saves 1.5 hours per installation.

Guaranteed focus on security

Your customers can rest assured that your solution is secured to the highest standards. IXON takes the security of IXON Cloud and the connected machines very seriously. Get a complete overview of how we secure the solution in our Security Whitepaper.

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Johan Strand
CEO & Head of Sales at EyeTech
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Sjors Thijssen

Sjors Thijssen
Account Manager at IXON
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