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Shelly Boom
Last update: 26-01-2023

Customise your IIoT Portal with IXON Studio

With IXON Cloud 2 we’ve taken the next step towards customisation. It’s now possible to completely personalise your Industrial IoT Portal according to your specific needs. Besides applying your company branding, you can fully manage the layout of your IoT Portal using the IXON Studio app. Customise machine cards and dashboards with predefined widgets or create your own components to fulfill your customer-specific wishes.

Custom IIoT platform

With IXON Cloud 2 every machine builder can create and customise their own IIoT platform in an easy way and has everything at hand to adapt the platform to their machines. The new IXON Studio app allows machine builders to customise their device pages or create PDF reports without any programming skills or development costs.

Customisable machine cards

Machine cards

The Portal app gives you an overview of your devices. Choose whether you want to see them in a card view, in a list or on a map based on location. The card view shows a card for each device which can be customised. In the IXON Studio you can fully customise the card view and add the components that are relevant per machine: add an image, VPN button or display the main KPI from its collected data. 

Create machine dashboards

You can now create and customise machine dashboards for each device. When using data logging you can show specific data from the device concerned. This way you can see all important device information at a glance without being distracted by unnecessary information. Create dashboards for specific needs, e.g. to carry out maintenance or monitor production.

Create your own dashboard with widgets

Broad choice of widgets

IXON Studio offers many standard widgets for direct use in your dashboards like remote access, images, text and data graphs. Add and place them where you want. Choose per widget what you’d like to see, which data to present and their colours, and resize them to fit on desktop and mobile. For maximum flexibility, you can also create your own components with VueJS to, for example, link external applications with IXON Cloud or run custom calculations.

IXON Studio explainer video

Watch our video about IXON Studio to see how you can customise your own IIoT Portal.

Get started with IXON Cloud

Create your free IXON Cloud 2 account to find out more and try the platform yourself!

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Are you an existing IXON Cloud user and would you like to know more about migration to IXON Cloud 2? Please read this blog for an introduction to the Migration Wizard.

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