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Easily migrate to IXON Cloud 2

Since february 2021 IXON Cloud 2 was released and is now the standard cloud platform for IXON, at this time hundreds of machine builders are using IXON Cloud 2. IXON Cloud 1 will no longer be expanded.

In order to accomodate industrial machine manufacturers to add more value to their products using the IoT, IXON has created a new platform: IXON Cloud 2. It’s the most complete platform for all your machine service and maintenance needs, refined to give users more freedom to customise and configure the platform to best fit their specific needs.

The IXON Cloud 2 creates new possibilities with its completely new design, an even more comprehensive user management system and advanced customisation options in the IXON Studio. Everything you need to work together in the best possible way.

Existing IXON users can follow these steps to migrate to IXON Cloud 2.

IXON Cloud 2: the next generation IIoT platform IXON Cloud 2: the next generation IIoT platform


Make the switch to IXON Cloud 2

IXON Cloud 2 is ready to be used by new and existing IXON Cloud customers. Existing users can easily make the switch the old IXON Cloud platform to IXON Cloud 2 using our Migration Wizard.

Before you start please read what will be migrated first and then follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an IXON Cloud 2 company

To transfer your devices and users to IXON Cloud 2, you first need to create a new company account. This can be done via or in the Migration Wizard. You can use your existing email address and use the same company name.

Once set up, you can set your company branding in the Admin app.

IXON Cloud 2 apps

Step 2. Set up user roles and groups

Due to the new role-based user management system, you have to assign every user to a role in IXON Cloud 2. It’s also possible to assign devices and users to groups. In the Admin app you can configure your own roles and groups. Before you start we advise you to take a look at our video on the new User Management system for some explanation.

If you would like to configure this later, you can choose from our predefined settings during the migration process.

Step 3. Start the Migration Wizard

In our Migration Wizard you can migrate your devices and users directly from your current IXON Cloud account to the new IXON Cloud 2. The step-by-step wizard will guide you through this process. We advise you to start small by migrating one device and a couple of users first to understand the process. During the migration process, each device remains accessible in the portal where it is located. Users can exist in both IXON Cloud accounts.

If you choose not to migrate all your users and devices at once, you can always come back to the Migration Wizard to finish your migration.

Let's migrate

Start working with the IXON Migration Wizard right away and transfer your first device and users to IXON Cloud 2 and discover all it has to offer you.

((Launch the IXON Migration Wizard))

For questions look at our FAQ below. If you need any assistance please send us an email at


Frequently Asked Questions

What will be migrated?

When migrating a device, all settings such as a VNC, HTTP or WebSocket Service and a data source for Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify will be transferred. All licenses, variables, tags and alarms will be migrated as well. 

Data reports will not be migrated. Therefore, you have to create new pages with data-logging components in the IXON Studio and assign these pages to your devices in the Fleet Manager.

What should I consider if I use Live Monitoring, Cloud Logging or Cloud Notify?

Cloud Logging licenses and data will be transferred automatically when you transfer a device. No further action from your end is needed.

Data reports will not be migrated. Therefore, you have to create new pages with data-logging components in the IXON Studio and assign these pages to your devices in the Fleet Manager.

Cloud Notify licenses and alarms will be transferred automatically when you transfer a device. No further action from your end is needed.

What are the most important differences between the old and new IXON Cloud?

Firstly, the most striking visual change is the new design, in which the platform has been divided into four apps. Each app can be used for a different purpose. This article will give you some more insight in how to use the different apps.

Secondly, the new user management system allows for more customisation by assigning every user to a role with the possibility to divide your devices and users into groups. 

Finally, you have more freedom to decide yourself what your IoT portal will look like with the new design options of the IXON Studio. You can even see data from multiple machines in one dashboard with card view.

Do I need to make any changes to my IXrouters or IXagents?

No, they are fully compatible with the IXON Cloud 2. No extra steps need to be taken. If you want to add new IXrouters or IXagents, you can simply add them as new devices from the Fleet Manager in your IXON Cloud 2 account.

Does the IXON Cloud 2 support sub-companies?

If you were using sub-companies in the old IXON Cloud platform, you can replace these sub-companies with groups. To do this, you have to migrate every sub-company as a different ‘source’ company to the same ‘target’ company using the IXON Migration Wizard. You can add all devices of a certain sub-company to a dedicated group. Please be sure to make a group for every subcompany in the Admin app before you migrate the devices.

What will happen with my premium branding URL?

When you use our premium branding solution, users will be able to keep using your current URL. After the set up of your IXON Cloud 2 account, please contact us at We will link your URL to your IXON Cloud 2 portal.

How will users in my company experience the migration?

Users will receive a new invitation email when migrated. After accepting that invite they need to log in at instead of

What will happen with the IXON mobile app?

IXON has released a brand new IXON portal app for the IXON Cloud 2 in the App store and the Google Play store. Please download the new app when you migrate to the IXON Cloud 2 and don’t forget to inform your customers as well.

The new app only consists of the portal part of the IXON Cloud 2. The Fleet manager, Admin and IXON Studio apps are only accessible via your browser.

Please contact us at when you are ready to migrate your custom branded app as well.

How long will the old IXON Cloud platform remain available?

The old IXON Cloud platform will remain available for the foreseeable future, but there are no plans to develop it any further. We do not yet have any plans to discontinue this platform. We will re-evaluate the status of the old IXON Cloud platform at the end of 2021, and will give all users a one-year-warning when we decide to discontinue the platform. 

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