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Ramona Eikelenboom
Last update: 13-11-2019

Why you should care about incoming connections to your factory

In the past, traditional industrial remote access solutions have opened ports in the company network’s firewall to allow external persons to reach a machine. However, this opens the company’s doors to trouble. Because machine controllers were never designed for security. Their operating systems are not updated and do not contain the latest security mechanisms, meaning they are extremely vulnerable to attacks.

The combination of open ports and an insecure machine controller makes for one easy target for malicious intruders. Find out how IXON helps secure factory networks from outside forces in our detailed Security Whitepaper.

Setting up outgoing connections to IXON Cloud

The IXrouter is a robust and compact industrial router, the edge gateway that connects machines to the IXON Cloud. It only uses outgoing ports to establish a secure connection, so there is no need to open any incoming ports on the local firewall in the company network. The IXrouter is only able to connect to IXON servers.

The IXagent (software in the IXrouter) connects to the IXON Cloud via HTTPS, VPN or MQTT over TLS. The IXagent (software in the IXrouter) connects to the IXON Cloud via HTTPS, VPN or MQTT over TLS.

A built-in firewall separates your machine from the internet

It is also imperative that your machine controllers are never connected to a company network. The IXrouter can isolate these from the company network with its built-in firewall, which completely separates the WAN port (company network) from the LAN ports (machine network).

The firewall blocks all traffic from the WAN to the LAN ports - and vice versa - by default.

Want to know more?

Get more in-depth information on IXON Cloud security by reading our whitepaper, which includes topics such as:

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