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Last update: 07-09-2021

What about the price? And more popular questions about IXON (FAQ)

Learn from the frequently asked questions our sales reps answer during trade fairs and customer contact moments:

  1. What is IXON Cloud?
  2. How much does IXON cost?
  3. Where can I order IXON products?
  4. How does IXON compare to other remote access solutions?
  5. Is IXON PLC or HMI independent?
  6. Is it possible to log machine data locally?
  7. Can I implement predictive maintenance using IXON Cloud?
  8. Can I receive alarms via SMS?
  9. User management: how does it work?
  10. Where are the servers located?
  11. What about security?
  12. What if the internet or electricity drops during a firmware upgrade?
  13. Where is IXON located and when was it founded?
  14. Where can I find the manual and faults during installation?



What is IXON Cloud?

A SaaS platform that makes industrial remote access and IIoT easy and accessible for all, with a focus on industrial and building automation.

With the IXON Cloud, you can lift your service and business operations to a higher level. By providing better service faster, you’ll strengthen the relationship with your customers and increase their revenue potential. The data you gather from machines gives insights that can be used to develop the latest generation machines. With your own IIoT portal you’ll no longer simply deliver a machine, but a cloud platform that will make you stand out from your competition.

Devise and implement new business models, such as pay-per-use or service level agreements. Show your customers that you’re meeting the agreed upon specifications (e.g. production speed). Teach and advise clients on how to get their machines running even more efficiently. IXON's goal is to help you reach higher productivity levels.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product

The IXON Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that’s specifically designed for machine manufacturers and system integrators. It’s fully web-based, safeguarding the security, maintenance and further development. Every day a dedicated in-house R&D team works on improving and strengthening your IIoT portal, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with the latest innovations.

The revolutionary IXON Cloud is the only full-service IIoT portal in the world that can be set up immediately, without having to write even one line of code. There is a reason that 500+ companies worldwide have already chosen IXON Cloud.

The IXON Cloud features all the functionalities that an innovative machine manufacturer requires in this day and age:

Remote access
VPN: Instant access via VPN.
Cloud Access: Web-based access to your machines  using VNC or HTTP(S).
User management: Add other users to your company account.

Data Logging: Collect, transfer, store, visualise and analyse machine data with Cloud Logging.
Alarms: Reinventing alarming with a revolutionary notification system Cloud Notify.

IoT Enterprise
Custom Branding: Your own Industrial IoT platform, completely set up according to your corporate branding.
API: Using the API, you can connect the IXON Cloud to any third-party solution.

And much more: Device management, audit trails, WebHooks, M2M connections, 3rd party integrations etc.



How much does IXON Cloud cost?

Take a look at our pricing model.

In short: Access to IXON Cloud and the use of remote VPN access functionalities is totally free. Including an unlimited number of devices and users, and customising your IXON Cloud portal with company logo and colours.

One-time fees:

  • Connectivity: To connect a device/machine to the IXON Cloud you need a connectivity solution like an IXrouter or IXagent.
  • Cloud Notify: Send email or push notifications about machine events. One license activation per device.
  • Premium branding & white-labelling: Advanced IXON Cloud branding to really make it your own with a custom URL, login page and e-mail notifications. You can also get an exclusive branded app or white-label the IXrouter. One-time purchases that apply to the entire company account. Check it all here.


  • Cloud Logging: We use a licensing model for collecting, transferring, storing and visualising your machine data. Pricing is based on the amount of data you want to store - you can always create an unlimited number of dashboards. Choose for monthly or yearly payment for each device.
  • Service level agreements: Upgrade your IXON Cloud account with an SLA.
  • M2M Private VPN server: Upgrade your IXON Cloud account with an M2M Private VPN Server.

Request the prices here



Where can I order IXON products?

Any product (IXrouter, accessories or licenses for features like Cloud Notify) can be bought directly at IXON or from one of our distributors/partners worldwide. Send your order directly to or find a local distributor.

The IXON Cloud is free in use, so you can start directly after you've received your IXrouter, by creating multiple accounts and multiple VPN connections, without any costs. Additional features (Cloud Logging and Premium Branding) can also be activated in your IXON Cloud account whenever you need it.



IXON compared to other remote access solutions: What are the differences?

There are a lot of functionalities and requirements that you can compare, and many solutions available to compare between.  Most of these have some form of remote access and IoT features.

IXON Cloud is a full-service remote access and IoT platform completely scalable to fit every company’s needs. It stands out in terms of user-friendliness and because of the easy and quick setup with integrated connectivity, free unlimited users and the totally web-based solution. Besides that, we offer advanced features for premium branding and white label options to make it totally yours.

Read this blog to see what other customers liked about IXON and why they switched from another remote access solution to use IXON.



Is IXON PLC or HMI independent?

Yes, it is fully independent. We support any PLC, HMI, PC, Robot, IP Camera or other industrial devices in the market that support VNC or Web Server functionalities.

The IXON VPN solution works on Windows, Mac or Linux PC. With Cloud Access it’s not necessary to set up a VPN connection or install software. Gain access to your device with a single push of a button through the web-based portal. The powerful IXON Cloud authenticates the user, renders the images in the cloud and easily and smoothly streams the images via an https connection.



Is it possible to log machine data locally?

With 8GB of local Flash memory included, the IXrouter can continue data logging for a long period of time without internet access. So your data is secured locally. When internet access has been restored, the data will instantly be pushed to the IXON Cloud.



Predictive maintenance: What does IXON Cloud offer?

IXON offers a lot of data features to make machine data easily accessible such as Cloud Notify and Cloud Logging.

What does it do?
It allows you to set up alarms and dashboards to monitor your machine's state, using actual data from the PLC. Just configure the moments you want to inform your service engineers to prevent or predict maintenance updates, like when the production hours reach a certain limit.

What doesn't it do?
It doesn't predict anything. At this moment, there is no artificial intelligence (AI) included in IXON Cloud which predicts when something needs to happen. Take advantage of the IXON Cloud's open ecosystem to integrate IXON Cloud with a third-party SaaS solution that does provide AI. Simply collect your machine data with Cloud Logging and transfer it using the REST API to allow for automated predictions.



Is it possible to receive alarms via SMS?

The alarming system of IXON supports email and push messages (through the smartphone app) by default.

You can extend the alarming features with SMS. The most common example is sending an email to an external application or using tools like Pagerduty, Zapier, etc. An example of such a solution:

An error occurs on the PLC, the temperature of machine 1 is too high. The connected IXrouter sends an email notification using Cloud Notify. This mail will be sent to, where a webhook is programmed to recognise the error and sends out an SMS message.



User management: how does it work and how much does it cost?

First of all, the number of users doesn't have any effect on costs. It's unlimited and free of charge.

To start off you will need to register your free company account in the IXON Cloud. Instructions here. When the company account is created, you can invite users by entering an email address. Next, set up access rights and permissions. Read our support portal for all user management features.



Where are the IXON Cloud servers located?

Part of IXON's SaaS solution is to provide low latency access and a stable connection. To do so, our servers are located in ISO 27001 certified data centres around the world. New locations are added all the time. Currently, the IXON cloud servers are located in:

- Amsterdam;
- Frankfurt;
- Atlanta;
- Newark;
- Dallas;
- San Francisco;
- Seattle;
- Singapore;
- Vienna;
- Sydney.



What about the security of IXON Cloud?

As a cloud solution provider, IXON fully understands the security implications of operating in the cloud. All products and services are designed to provide better security than many traditional on-premise solutions.

Data protection is IXON’s number one priority and the cornerstone of everyday operations. Security shapes the day-to-day business, how IXON develops products, designs the IXON Cloud infrastructure, and more.

IXON’s security strategy is based on the CIA triad: a security management model for protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

A better world starts with yourself. IXON believes that you can only provide a secure cloud solution if all internal processes and procedures are secured as well. That is why IXON has developed and implemented a comprehensive information security management system (ISMS).

IXON’s ISMS is certified according to the ISO 27001 standard: the leading global standard for information security in organisations. It requires adherence to a number of disciplines, including access control, (cyber)security, compliance, risk management and business continuity.

"Machine builders entrust us with critical data and it is our number one priority to protect this data at all costs, and make sure that it’s always available. We created an ISO 27001 based ISMS in order to identify, prevent and defend any vulnerabilities that may arise. This systematic approach allows us to achieve our main goals: no security incidents, 99.9% uptime and no data loss."
— Willem Hofmans, CEO at IXON

Want to know more about IXON Cloud Security?

[[Download the whitepaper]]



What if the internet connection drops or electricity is cut off during a firmware upgrade?

IXON's firmware updates are cleverly designed to work in any circumstance, without the possibility of crashing during the installation. The firmware can be updated remotely on the IXON Cloud. If the internet connection or electricity drops during the firmware update, the original (outdated) version will be back in place once the IXrouter is online again. Simply start the new firmware installation again with a single push of a button.

So, no worries about failing firmware updates or requiring on-site visits to fix it manually.



Where is IXON located? And how long have you been around?

IXON was founded and is located in the Netherlands. Our headquarter is located in Overloon. Everything from design, manufacturing and development to marketing and support takes place in-house. We have an international field sales team that operates in Europe, and a network of distributors and partners around the world.

A small history of IXON
Founder and CEO Willem Hofmans previously customized software and electronics – mainly for machine builders – under the company name Wivion. After working on over 100 projects spanning more than a decade, he and his colleagues realized that connecting machines to the cloud was currently much too complex. That's when we started building the IXON Cloud.

Since 2013, the IXON Cloud has made remote access easier and accessible for all. Every day a dedicated in-house R&D team works on improving and strengthening your IIoT portal, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with the latest innovations.



Where can I find the manual and faults during installation?

The user manual can be found here. For please contact our support portal any other questions like faults during the IXrouter installation.


If you have any other questions, feel free to send them over to We're happy to help!