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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 01-12-2020

[Video] Cloud Notify: Machine alarms and notifications explained

Get alarms in case of machine breakdown

Machine breakdown is bad for business and costs you, or more specifically your customers, a lot of money. To stay on top of machine issues, upcoming maintenance or stops in the production line, someone needs to be informed right away!

That is why IXON Cloud developed Cloud Notify. It uses your machine's data to create alarms, triggers and receivers to send alarms when a data point meets the set criteria. You can even integrate it with external tools like PagerDuty if you need even more complexity for your support team. Just acquire that data straight from the PLC, HMI, robot or sensors using our communication protocols and configure your alarms and notification. All web-based without and no need for programming. We support Modbus TCP, OPC-UA, Siemens S7, MELSEC, Ethernet IP and BacNet. Learn more here.

Machine alarms and notifications video transcript

Hi again. My name is Job from IXON.

Today I will show you how to use machine data to setup alarms & notifications with Cloud Notify.

Step 1: Create alarms

You can create alarms based on the defined data sources in your IXON Cloud portal. Add an alarm for your PLC, robot or sensors and choose the variable, the priority and the trigger condition when to fire it. You can even add an instruction so your service engineers or customers know what to do.

Step 2: Setup alarm receivers

You determine which users get notified in case of occurring issues. Choose who receives the low, medium and high priority notifications in the receivers section. They get an email or push notification in case an alarm is triggered.

You can even trigger other online services like PagerDuty using webhooks, that's like sending an SMS. Or log the alarm in Google Sheets for reporting.

That’s how you create alarms for your machines with Cloud Notify. Completely web-based managed through the IXON Cloud.
Discover how easy it is to send alarms from your machines using IXON Cloud.

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