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[Video] Cloud Access explained

Control your HMI and web-based access to PLC’s web server with IXON Cloud

In this video, Job Euwes, International Sales Manager at IXON, shows the power of the Cloud Access feature on IXON Cloud.

In a previous video, Job explained how you can set up industrial remote access to create a secure connection to your machine’s PLC. With Cloud Access you can control the Human Machine Interface (HMI) or access the web server from the PLC using VNC, HTTP or a WS service.

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Cloud Access video transcript

Hi there, I’m Job from IXON. Today I will show you Cloud Access possibilities with IXON Cloud.

Easily setup Cloud Access to control your HMI or enter the web server in your PLC

Using advanced Proxy technology, the IXON Cloud streams content to users via a secure HTTPS connection. Cloud Access technology is easy to use and offers all the security benefits of a highly secured VPN, without the need to install a local VPN client.

Add a service in your machine’s configuration: VNC Server, HTTP Server or a WS Server. After completing the wizard, a shortcut icon is added to your machine’s info.

Control or view the HMI from a smartphone using web-based HMI via browser and smartphone

Controlling or viewing the HMI has never been easier. On your smartphone, you can even pan and zoom, and with the keyboard, you can enter details.

Open the machine’s webpage through a secured HTTP connection

If you want to enter the webpage that is running in the machine, we make sure that the unsafe HTTP webpage is secured through an HTTPS connection.

Your machines HMI & web servers are now on-demand accessible on any device.

Now it’s time to get even more benefits of IXON Cloud. Use your machine’s data to trigger alarms (video here) and create stunning dashboards (video here).

Try Cloud Access for free

Create your free IXON Cloud account to test the Cloud Access feature for web-based access to HMI using a virtual demo device. No additional hardware or license needed.

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