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Julia Weijs
Last update: 08-11-2019

Troubleshooting made easier with IXON’s new support website

After months of hard work, I’m happy to announce that our brand new support website has been launched. An exhaustive library filled with useful, easy-to-read and fully detailed articles explaining every aspect of the IXON all-in-one solution. Every element of the website has been well thought-out and is in line with our core values: user-friendly, easy to navigate, completely scalable and with the integration of customer feedback.

IXON support website IXON support website

Why we created a new support website

Every product has its quirks and requires the right guidelines and support, be it a basic remote access solution, an easy-to-use platform or a technically complex BI tool. It’s never a question of “do I need a support website?”, but “is our current solution sufficient?” and “what can we do to improve?”. We often received feedback on how to improve our previous support website, because it was difficult to navigate and no longer up-to-date due to IXON’s rapid growth and expansion.

How it works

The new support website has been built on that same customer feedback. You can now easily find what you’re looking for with an advanced, built-in search function or by entering your IXON-related questions on Google. You will also be able to find answers to all your burning questions by navigating through our six main categories:

  • Getting started, for all your questions regarding setting up, installation and configuration of the IXON solution;
  • Connectivity, with detailed descriptions of how to troubleshoot or set up VPN connections;
  • Manage, explaining all the various management features on the IXplatform;
  • Clientless Access, which illustrates how to set up a connection with your machine without a VPN tunnel;
  • Cloud Logging on how to get started, configure your data source and tags, or create data visualisations; and
  • Cloud Notify, for everything about setting up alarms and notifications about important machine events.

Step-by-step visual guides

Each article contains a simple, but detailed, explanation supported by screenshots and step-by-step guidance. The articles are easy to understand, which allows for flawlessly following the steps – even with little to no technical experience. We’re using a responsive layout to give visitors a great experience on all devices, as you can enlarge images to true size by clicking on them.

Feel free to take a look around our new support website.

[[Visit the support website]]