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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 21-03-2022

[Tool] Remote Support ROI calculator for machine builders

ROI Calculator for remote access using IXON Cloud

The case for using remote support is simple: remote support reduces the number of costly and time-consuming service trips to on-site industrial machines.

Whether you're troubleshooting a production line system or clearing faults on PLCs, remote support boosts efficiency and saves money. But what about the investment? When can you expect a return on investment and savings for field service activities? Calculate it here.

Remote Access ROI calculator for machine manufacturers (OEM) Remote Access ROI calculator for machine manufacturers (OEM)

Tip: Already convinced of the advantages of remote support? Try IXON's remote access solution for free.

How remote support Return On Investment is calculated

To determine the ROI of remote support with IXON, we'll first need to calculate the costs for an average on-site field service visit.

After that, it's as simple as multiplying the number of field service trips with the cost of on-site support — and you'll know which savings can be realised on service trips with our industrial remote access product, IXON Cloud.

The cost of investment

It is clear that the solution is cost-efficient, based on the money saved for support trips (and efficiency gained) by supporting industrial machines remotely. It pays for itself after just one or two remote maintenances per machine.

In the Remote Access ROI Calculator below you can fill in the hours spent travelling, your hourly rate and the number of kilometres to the support location to calculate the service costs of a single support trip.

We will calculate the ROI of IXON's remote access solution based on the average hardware price and the time spent installing and configuring the solution. The result shows after how many remote maintenance services you will experience your Return On Investment.


Calculate your ROI for IXON's remote access solution

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How does remote access reduce costs?

With remote access you get full access to your industrial machines in the field from anywhere in the world. You can setup a remote VPN connection to your PLC, open and control the HMI panel to change tasks or view errors and view the webserver of your robot or sensors. This gives you all tools to help your customer solving the issue or update software updates when needed. You save valuable time and costs for travelling to the machines' location. You only need an IXrouter and an internet connection to access your machines in the field and save directly on field service trips.

Fast ROI and access to machine data features

Besides a quick ROI from remote access, IXON Cloud delivers many more advantages for machine builders. It is enriched with web-based HMI access and Plug & Play data features, all readily available for when you need them.

Log PLC data directly to the cloud and visualise it in dashboards or send notifications before the machine breaks down. Everything is completely web-based and configurable in your company portal without any coding.

Try the easiest remote access solution

You can try remote access for free with our evaluation kit. It includes the robust industrial IXrouter which connects to the IXON Cloud in minutes. So you can discover the ease of remote access and discover additional data features available on the IXON Cloud.

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