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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 24-12-2019

These internal processes at IXON protect your industrial machines and data

A better world starts with yourself. IXON believes that you can only provide a secure cloud solution if all internal processes and procedures are secured as well. That is why IXON has developed and implemented a comprehensive information security management system (ISMS).

The security of your industrial machines and data is ensured 24/7 by our Security Officer and a team of cloud experts. Several of IXON’s internal processes and procedures are outlined in detail in our extensive IXON Cloud Security Whitepaper.

Tracking all actions in one centralised system

A centralised logging platform stores and analyses employee actions on IXON’s systems, server performance and database requests. With the help of this system, events and anomalies are detected before they can affect IXON Cloud users.

Logged data includes all server logins and changes. Only a few of IXON’s senior developers are able to access the IXON Cloud’s servers. Developers log into servers using their own unique SSH key. Security officer Dylan Eikelenboom is tasked with analysing all monitoring and logging reports.

Software development lifecycle

IXON’s software development lifecycle is focused on delivering secure, high-quality software. All software changes are reviewed by at least one other developer and are thoroughly tested through manual and fully automated tests.

This method of automated testing and releasing software changes greatly reduces risks for each release and enables developers to get valuable features and improvements out fast and in a sustainable way.

Want to know more?

Get more in-depth information on IXON Cloud security by reading our whitepaper, which includes topics such as:

  • Infrastructure overview
  • What does our ISMS cover
  • How the IXrouter is separated from your company network
  • And many more security-related topics

Download your copy of the security whitepaper now.

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