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Julia Weijs
Last update: 13-11-2019

The Ultimate IXrouter Combines Ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi

The day has come! You’ve sold your machine and its installation is almost finished. You just need to run over the last few details and it will be up and running. To be able to provide your customer with better remote service, you agreed to include an IXrouter into the machine. Your train of thought was to install the IXrouter in order to monitor the machine and should a bug, defect or fault occur, you would be able to directly access the machine and resolve the problem. This is always useful when the machine isn’t located right around the corner.

When you arrive at the customer’s location to install the machine, there seems to be a slight problem. There are no ethernet connections available. It’s a brand new location and wired internet is not yet available. The IXrouter that you’ve brought with you is an ethernet hardware version, so there’s no other option to connect the machine to the cloud.

This is just one of the situations in which an IXON user might want to utilize a different connection option. IXON recognizes that there are many different situations and therefore already offers different IXrouter hardware versions with ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi options.

Our users asked, “Why not combine these into one hardware variant?”. IXON listened to this feedback and has combined all three connection options in one ultimate hardware variant, the IXrouter 4G & Wi-Fi. This hardware version features all the connection possibilities: ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi. Depending on the situation at hand, users can now configure and choose which connection option they want to use to set up their connection from the machine to the cloud.

IXrouter3: IXON edge gateway with ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi module IXrouter3: IXON edge gateway with ethernet, 4G and Wi-Fi module

Failover keeps your machines connected

As an addition to the ultimate IXrouter, we’ve added a new feature to the IXplatform which supports multiple WAN connections. This allows you to configure redundant connections, ensuring a constant internet connection between your machine and the IXON cloud, and allowing you to connect 24/7. If your primary connection option drops, the IXrouter will automatically reconnect with the first (or even second) backup connection that you have configured. This way your machine will always find its way to the cloud and you don’t have to worry about the connection stabilities at hand.

The advantages of Wi-Fi

Users also have the option to set up their own Wi-Fi network or hotspot on-site. This way mechanics on-site, for example, are no longer dependent on customers and their network connections. They can easily create an access point with the IXrouter, allowing them to program the machine or to access the internet.

These developments allow IXON to deliver an even better user experience and helps us to support you in any specific industrial remote access application that you might have. In short, a new hardware variant with endless possibilities and the same ease of use that IXON guarantees throughout its entire remote access solution.

Check out our IXrouter Wi-Fi / 4G page for more information and product specifications.

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