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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 21-02-2022

The IXON Cloud features in a nutshell

Discover IXON’s all-in-one IIoT solution that combines cloud and connectivity. IXON is your gateway to Industrial IoT. Create your own IoT portal without any coding and easily connect, maintain and analyse your industrial machines and systems. Start small and scale your business as you go.

The integrated connectivity solutions are fully managed and configured on the IXON Cloud. Setting up a secure connection and IoT portal has never been so easy! Save valuable time and money, and get started on your journey towards Industry 4.0.

IXON Cloud goes way beyond other remote access solutions. Continue reading for an overview of the main features of our Industrial IoT platform.

Tip: Test IXON Cloud for free with the IXrouter evaluation kit – 30-day trial. Or add a demo device to explore the benefits.

IXON Cloud features IXON Cloud features

IXON Cloud feature overview

  • Integrated connectivity to set up VPN, VNC, HTTP(S) to your machines in minutes (case study)
  • Manage all your customers and machines in one single web-based cloud portal
  • Stunning machine dashboards based on your machine data (case study)
  • Alarms and notifications in case of emergencies
  • Make it yours with branded portals
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Compatible with all major PLC brands
IXON Cloud animation IXON Cloud animation

Integrated connectivity solutions

Connect your industrial machines to the cloud using the integrated IXrouter (industrial VPN router) or IXagent (embedded software agent). Fully managed on the IXON Cloud with seamless integration, and configured in just minutes! Use Ethernet, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi to get your machines online in any situation.

Remote Access & Cloud Access

Faster troubleshooting with tons of free, unlimited remote access features – available on desktop and mobile apps. Set up a secured VPN connection or use the VNC server in your machine's HMI for immediate web-based access. Or add another Cloud Access service, like HTTP(S) or WebSocket. All available in the web-based IXON Cloud platform.

Device / machine management Device / machine management

User and device management – free & unlimited

Manage all your customers and machines in one single web-based cloud portal – no additional costs. Invite an unlimited number of colleagues & customers, manage permissions and get insights into user events with detailed audit trails.

User management User management

Machine data logging & visualisation with Cloud Logging

Optimise machine productivity using historical & live machine data. Log data from the PLC to the IXON Cloud based on set intervals, changes or triggers. Create stunning live and historical dashboards to quickly gain insight into your logged data. Use the predefined widgets and drag & drop functionality to organise your own machine dashboard in no-time.

Machine data dashboard Machine data dashboard
Widget types Widget types

Receive alerts in case of emergencies with Cloud Notify

Simply configure your triggers on the IXON Cloud and the IXrouter will start monitoring your machine right away. Fire push and email notifications without PLC adjustments or SMTP server setup. Or trigger a webhook to a 3rd party solution.

Push message from machine alarm Push message from machine alarm

Make it your own: a company branded IoT portal

Easily create your own IIoT portal without any coding. Simply set up your company logo and colours, and you've custom branded the IXON Cloud as your own! With the additional White Label Premium feature, you unlock a company branded login screen on a custom URL. Discover white labelling feature.

Custom branding Custom branding

API & WebHooks

The open ecosystem of the IXON Cloud allows for third-party integrations. Using the API, you can connect the IXON Cloud to any third-party solution. WebHooks can trigger events on external applications in case of machine changes.

Compatible with all major PLC brands

IXON is compatible with all major PLC brands, such as: Siemens, Beckhoff, Lenze, ABB, B&R, Wago, Allen Bradley, Rockwell Automation, Sigmatek, Festo, Panasonic, and many more...

Benefits of the IXON Cloud

  • Faster troubleshooting with tons of free industrial remote access features – fully web-based
  • Manage all your customers and machines in one single web-based cloud portal – unlimited & free
  • Optimise machine productivity using historical & live machine data
  • Get ahead of issues with predictive maintenance
  • Transform machine insights into new revenue streams
  • Always and automatically up-to-date with the newest innovations
  • No code solution – save costs on building and innovating a custom platform

Choose for painless Plug & Play connectivity to your machines on a future-proof web-based cloud platform — set up in minutes. IXON’s dedicated in-house R&D team ensures a secure, continuously evolving, and innovative platform.

Try before you buy!

Experience for yourself why 1.000+ machine manufacturers, system integrators and building automation chose IXON's all-in-one solution:

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