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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 03-08-2022

The IXagent explained

Meet the IXagent: IXON’s simplified and cost-saving remote access software agent.

In this article we’ll explain what the IXagent is, what features it supports and what the differences are between the IXagent and IXrouter.

When you need secure remote access for your industrial machine or PC, IXON offers two advanced connectivity options. Besides our IXrouter, our combined industrial VPN router and edge gateway, we offer an embedded software agent called IXagent. Both are designed to integrate with our comprehensive IXON Cloud platform for secure remote service and data features.

IXagent: IXON’s simplified and cost-saving remote access software agent IXagent: IXON’s simplified and cost-saving remote access software agent

What is the IXagent?

The IXagent is a simplified and cost-effective software-based solution when you need remote access and user management for your industrial PC, PLC controller or machine peripherals. Designed specifically for different operating systems and PLC controllers, the software contains the basic functionalities of the total IXON solution, like a secure connection from your PC to the device. It can be installed and activated with a one-time license.

With the IXagent, you don’t require additional hardware for secure remote access and remote control. It saves space in your control cabinet and allows VPN connections and easy user management to your controllers for remote working, remote commissioning and data collection (supported). But the IXagent is limited in functionality. See the comparison with the IXrouter below.

IXrouter vs IXagent

In this table, you’ll find an overview of the most important supported for our connectivity options.




Lifelong VPN

User management
(two-factor authentication)

Data logging / Alarms

✓ (see supported list below)

Runs on PC/PLC hardware


Built-in firewall


5x 1GBs LAN/WAN ports




Tip: Take a look at our pricing model for an overview of all IXON Cloud default features and add-ons.

In general, the IXagent can connect to a single device, except if you set up your PC/PLC as a router and firewall. The IXrouter can access all connected devices to the IXrouter and the devices in the (machine) network. 

For more complex solutions, an IXrouter is often preferred because it has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and it has an integrated firewall for added security.

Official IXagents by IXON

Below we list all official IXagents and the supported protocols for data logging to set up dashboards and alarms.



Web Access

Data Logging & Alarms

Supported Protocols










(7/8/10 32 and 64 bit)


Debian (32 and 64 bit)
Ubuntu (64 bit)


Raspberry PI





✓ Ethernet/IP
✓ BACnet/IP
✓ Siemens





Get started with easy remote access with the IXagent

You can request the IXagent software agent and licenses at the contact page.

[[Request an IXagent license]]

If you need an IXrouter, you can request our Starter Kit to test it 30-days for free.