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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 23-08-2021

The best (free!) way to discover IXON Cloud: Virtual Demo Device

What does the IXON Cloud offer? How does it work? What are the benefits? How easy can I adopt it into my company? Can I implement new business models using IXON?

To better understand the possibilities of the IXON Cloud and the benefits of the integrated cloud connectors, we launched a new feature called ‘Demo device‘. This gives you a new free option to test the powerful features of the IXrouter and IXagent – without buying the hardware or software license. 

Demo device: a virtual machine to explore connectivity features

IXON Cloud is a SaaS platform for in industrial and building automation. Created for machine builders who need industrial remote access and Industrial IoT features to securely connect to and collect data from any industrial equipment.

Besides the option to fully test the IXON Cloud platform with our 30-day Evaluation kit, you can now test the platform without additional hardware or software. To explore the main features you can now add a virtual demo device.

With this virtual demo device, you can discover how to set up a secure connection using the VPN and Cloud Access features.

Usually, this “device” (the IXrouter or IXagent) is connected to or integrated into your machine’s PLC. The PLC is connected to additional industrial devices (like sensors or IP camera’s) of your machine. The device is connected to the IXON Cloud, via Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE or ethernet, and accessible via the platform. This makes it easy to securely manage and access your machine(s) remotely and collect machine data for dashboarding and alarming purposes.

With the demo device feature, you can simulate this setup in minutes to explore the ease of use and features of the IXON Cloud platform.

How to add a demo device in the IXON Cloud

The first step is to create an IXON Cloud account for your company. It is totally free, no obligations or payment needed.

Once you’ve created your account, you can add a demo device. Navigate to the “Tools” section and click on “Register demo device”. Follow the wizard steps and add the demo device.

The demo device is now added in the “Devices” section.

Demo devices are for testing purposes only, therefore they will expire in 14 days. Haven’t had the time to check out all of IXON’s features? No worries, you can always add a new demo device to your IXON Cloud portal via the “Tools” section!

What can you test using the demo device?

Once your demo device is added, you can test all available device features.

1. Set up a VPN connection to your (virtual) machine

Open the demo device and click on the VPN connect button.

The IXON Cloud opens a secure VPN connection to your device. Now, you have full and secure access to your machine’s network to update PLC software or gain insight into your machine’s events.

2. Access the HTTP server of your machine

Using the Cloud Access feature, you can add several services to access the VNC, HTTP or WS server of your machine. By default, the demo device has some examples of services so you can try these without configuration.

To access the HTTP server of the demo device, just click on the “HTTP Server” button. Now the web server of the Siemens 1200 PLC (http) is loaded over a secure https connection through the IXON Cloud.

3. Control the HMI screen using a VNC service

Using the VNC service, you can access and control an HMI from remote. Just click on the “VNC Server” button to open the HMI screen. Now you can view and control the HMI from your web browser.

It also works on the IXON Cloud smartphone apps which are freely downloadable on the iPhone and Android app stores.
Tip: Try the pan and zoom function on your smartphone.

4. Push config changes to the device

You can change the config for the demo device, like LAN or firewall settings, and push these changes to the device. After you made the changes just click  “Push config to device”. The new configuration file will be transferred over a secure lightweight MQTT connection and the settings are applied directly to the device. Easy as pie, no need to be on site.

5. Test all IXON Cloud platform features

Besides testing the device features, you can test the general features of the IXON Cloud platform, like:

  • User management: invite your colleagues and set their permissions – based on groups or devices.
  • Device management: change device information like name and location, create device groups, change network settings and publish configuration changes to the demo device.
  • Company branding: upload a company logo and set company colours to create your branded IoT portal.
  • Events and messages: gain insight into events to track any changes made to devices or who accessed the machine.
  • Data collection: define the protocol and variables you want to log.
  • Dashboards: visualize collected data in a fully customizable machine dashboard.
  • Alarms: create triggers and launch machine warnings.

Update: Test all data features with the demo device

Now available: Our IoT features Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify are ready to explore with the demo device. These features make it possible to easily collect machine data and store it securely in the IXON Cloud using the MQTT protocol.

With the (virtual) collected data you can create machine dashboards (live and historical) and trigger alarms or notifications when machine problems occur. You can also push data to external applications like PagerDuty or Zapier using webhooks or the API.

If you want to explore these IoT features you can also request a free online demo.

Try IXON Cloud for free

Give it a go, you can explore the features of IXON Cloud without any obligations. Just create your free account and test the demo devices and endless possibilities of the IXON Cloud platform now.

((Create your free IXON Cloud account))