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Ramona Eikelenboom
Last update: 13-11-2019

Secure remote access with single-use VPN certificates

Creating secure connections to your machines is what IXON is all about. With our plug-and-play remote access solution, you can easily create a secure VPN connection from your machine to the IXON Cloud. To establish authenticated VPN tunnels, VPN certificates are required.

Some remote access solutions use VPN certificates with an expiry date, but not IXON.

Instead, new single-use VPN certificates are generated every time a VPN tunnel is set up. These certificates are sent over an encrypted connection. The certificate keys for this encrypted connection are issued by IXON’s Certificate Authority and will never expire.

We have an advanced key management system in place that keeps track of our certificate keys and are able to revoke or blacklist any compromised keys. This system guarantees all connections to the IXON Cloud are secured at all times.

Choosing an advanced key management system with single-use VPN certificates over expiring VPN certificates was an obvious choice for IXON. Our lead R&D, Johan de Vries, says: “Some machines don’t have any sense of time. They don’t know if it’s either 1970 or 2070, for instance. VPN certificates with a fixed expiry date simply aren’t an option for securing these machine connections. Machines will still be able to safely connect to the IXON Cloud in 10 years.”

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