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Sjors de Kleijn

Remote Access & Data Services for Doosan Robots

Get full remote access over VPN to Doosan robots to run robot simulations, access logs and change jobs via IXON Cloud

Doosan Robotics has a wide range of collaborative robots that are used for assembly, machine tending, air blowing, inspection and palletizing. Our OEM and system integrator customers create more flexibility for their robots by expanding them with our edge connectivity to enable remote capabilities using IXON's Remote Service & IIoT platform.

This article shows the benefits, how it works and how to get started:

  1. Introduction into IXON Cloud: Remote Service and IIoT platform
  2. What IXON Cloud can do for Doosan robots
  3. IoT connectivity for Doosan cobots
  4. How to connect Doosan robots with IXON Cloud
  5. Remote VPN access
  6. How to collect and log data from Doosan robots
  7. Create a dashboard from robot data
  8. Set up predictive maintenance alarms for Doosan Cobots
  9. Try IXON Cloud 30 days with our Starter Kit
IXON Cloud: Remote Service and IoT platform for Doosan robots IXON Cloud: Remote Service and IoT platform for Doosan robots


Remote Service and IIoT platform for Doosan Robots

IXON has created a powerful Industrial IoT platform to upgrade your Industrial Doosan Robots with Remote Access and IoT capabilities. Using IXON Cloud you get instant and easy access to your Doosan robots over a secure VPN connection from anywhere in the world.


What IXON Cloud can do for Doosan Robots

Thanks to IXON Cloud you get easy and secure web-based access to your Doosan cobots to access and control the robot on your smartphone or computers. With IXON Cloud you can:

  • Remotely connect to your Doosan robots over a VPN connection to view real-time simulations and upload new job configurations.
  • Collect robot data via the Modbus TCP/IP communication protocol and visualise the robots condition within status reports in customizable robot dashboards with graphs and figures.
  • For environments in which preventive or predictive maintenance is used, you can be notified when something goes wrong during production. These notifications can be sent in several ways, for example as e-mail or as a notification on your mobile phone.
  • Vision IP camera's can be easily connected to the IXrouter for remotely viewing the video stream.
  • Manage all your robots in one place and control who has access with role-based user management.

To integrate your Doosan robot with IXON Cloud you can use the IXrouter

> Discover more benefits of our IoT platform for industrial robotics.

IXON Cloud: All-in-one industrial IoT solution for machines IXON Cloud: All-in-one industrial IoT solution for machines


IoT connectivity for Doosan robots

The IXrouter is IXON’s edge gateway and is compatible with Doosan industrial robots. The IXrouter integrates robots with IXON Cloud. This allows you to set up a secure VPN connection to the robot controller and provides data logging capabilities. The IXrouter has built-in data acquisition capabilities to collect operating data of the robots. By edge computing only relevant data is sent and stored in IXON Cloud, where it can be used to create powerful reports and provide you with preventive or predictive alerts. The IXrouter supports all relevant industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP which is supported by Doosan.

Note: If you want remote programming of the robot controller via the DART platform, you can attach a PLC between the controller and IXrouter. 

Tip: Try the easiest secure remote access solution for Doosan Robots: IXON Cloud. Request a free Starter Kit.


How to connect Doosan robots with IXON Cloud

To make use of IXON Cloud you need to create a free account and connect your industrial robots to the platform using the IXrouter.

Each IXrouter has four LAN ports for connecting machines (PLC controllers) and robots and one WAN port to connect the data gateway to the internet. There are multiple versions of the IXrouter, that support different ways to get internet access:

  • Ethernet only
  • Ethernet & 4G Global
  • Ethernet & Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet, 4G Global & Wi-Fi

Each device includes lifetime free VPN access and tech support. Cloud Logging for data acquisition and Cloud Notify for alarms and notifications can both be activated in IXON Cloud. Simply choose a way to get internet access, connect your robot(s) and you’re all set and done.

In this article we explain how to connect the IXrouter to the IXON Cloud platform in just 3 simple steps.

IXrouter: IoT connectivity for Doosan robots IXrouter: IoT connectivity for Doosan robots


Remote VPN access to Doosan robots

Once your IXrouter device is activated, you can log into your IXON Cloud account to set up a secure VPN connection to your Doosan cobot. Choose the device you want to connect to and press the VPN button. Next, a secure VPN tunnel is created from your computer, via the IXON Cloud to your robot. You’ll have full access to your robot for analysing faults, remote troubleshooting, viewing real-time simulations and publishing new job instructions.


How to collect and log data from Doosan cobots

Cloud Logging is a service with which you can collect data from your Doosan robot/cobot for smart services and reporting. Activate data logging to send the robot data securely to IXON Cloud and access it through advanced and easy to use dashboards – or use it to create alarms for predictive alerts. Dashboards can be viewed from any device (smartphone, tablet or PC) with an internet connection.

When the internet connection drops, the IXrouter's local storage takes over. Once the internet connection is re-established, the IXrouter will send the data to the cloud. No data is lost.

Setting up data collection from a Doosan cobot to IXON Cloud

To collect data from your Doosan robot, activate Cloud Logging in your IXON account. IXON supports the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Now you need to configure the robot parameters you’d like to log and when these parameters need to be logged (on interval, on change or based on a custom trigger). The IXrouter monitors the variables and sends them to IXON Cloud so you can present them in dashboards or use them for sending alarms.

Dashboards for Doosan robots Dashboards for Doosan robots


Create a Doosan dashboard from robot data

Now your data is collected from your robot, and securely transmitted and stored in IXON Cloud, you can use it to configure your robot dashboards. Using our drag & drop editor, you can add widgets and build multiple dashboards based on the collected data. 


Set up predictive maintenance alarms for Doosan robots

To create and receive alarms from your Doosan robot you need to activate Cloud Notify in your IXON Cloud account. Alarms can be created based on the condition of a parameter, like when the robot program state is equal to “SUCCESS”.

In IXON Cloud you can add alarms in the Cloud Notify section. Choose the variable, the priority and set the condition and instructions for the operator. Next, you define who must receive the notification when the alarm is being triggered and you are done.


Try IXON Cloud for remote maintenance of Doosan cobots

Experience setting up remote access to your Doosan Collaborative Robot in just minutes! Leave us your details and we’ll send you a Starter Kit with our most advanced IXrouter (Wi-Fi, Ethernet and 4G/LTE) and all necessary accessories to jumpstart your project.

Set up a complete scenario for remote access and test our IoT features with your own Doosan Cobot. Experience the great ease of use of the IXrouter and IXON Cloud platform.

You are not the first to connect Doosan robots to IXON Cloud. Our support team can help you get started. If you have questions please use our contact form.

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