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Luc Vandewall

Release notes, May 2020

New features, optimizations and bugfixes for IXON’s IoT products

At IXON, we’re continuously improving our Industrial IoT products. In doing so, we provide our customers with the highest quality and best user experience, so they can deliver better remote service, maintenance and machine insights to their customers. In this article we’ve created a short overview of what we’ve been working on for the last month. We’ve listed both updates for our IXrouter firmware since version 3.13 and many optimizations for the IXON IIoT platform.

Updates to the IXON Cloud platform

Besides bugfixes and performance improvements, we’ve added three new features that were highly anticipated.


  • IXON already offered Remote Access for Mitsubishi’s industrial controllers. Now we are happy to announce support for Data Logging / Data Acquisition for Mitsubishi controllers using the MELSEC protocol. IXON Data Logging is now supported on the Mitsubishi L Series, Q Series, iQ-R Series and iQ-F Series PLCs.
  • A web interface is added to the IXrouter for debugging routers with poor cellular reception. Future versions of the firmware will add more functionality. 
  • It’s now easier to invite our Support Team to your company in the IXON Cloud so they can assist you with specific issues. Just give them limited access (from 8 hours up to 14 days) in case you need help and have a service ticket opened. This option can be found in the “Support” section of your IXON Cloud account.


Updates to the IXrouter firmware

IXrouter 3.17 firmware

Released on May 11th, 2020


  • Add the MELSEC protocol for data logging


  • Supports datetime type for OPC UA
  • Update web interface with more status information
  • Adds dynamic string length for Ethernet-ip LGX type


  • [opc-ua] Authentication with variable nonce length
  • [ethernet-ip] Delayed interval push to platform


IXrouter 3.16.1 firmware

Released on February 18th, 2020


  • Fixes an issue when saving logging data to the storage


IXrouter 3.16 firmware

Released on February 3rd, 2020


  • Improved cellular connectivity
  • Adds a webpage for cellular diagnostics


  • Improves memory management pull apps
  • Fixes issue with RTC
  • Fixes issue with log to storage


IXrouter 3.15.2 firmware

Released on October 23th, 2019


  • [opc-ua] Supports password encryption for authentication


  • Improves libixagent memory management
  • Stunnel compatibility both ipv4 and ipv6
  • Cellular modem compatibility extended
  • Improves memory management logging


  • Security updates


IXrouter 3.14 firmware

Released on June 25th, 2019


  • Preparations for supporting UDP broadcasting
  • Besides íxrouter.conf’, you can also use ‘router.conf’ as configuration file name


  • [modbus] Improved error messages


  • [bacnet] Device IDs larger than 64k can now be reached
  • [ethernet-ip] Adds support for some Omron PLCs
  • [opc-ua] Fixed a crash when logging empty strings
  • [modbus] Fixed an issue where data pulling was inefficient
  • Fixed a bug where pull applications would hang on error responses
  • Fixed a crash when pushing again before a previous config push had completed
  • Fixed an issue where broadcast messages from WiFi would not reach the LAN or visa versa
  • Fixed an issue where the MAC address on the WAN side would be wrong after config push or firmware upgrade.


IXrouter 3.13 firmware

Released on March 14th, 2019


  • [bacnet-ip] The IXrouter can now pull data from multiple devices
  • [bacnet-ip] The IXrouter can now function for foreign device registration
  • [bacnet-ip] The IXrouter can now serve as a BBMD device


  • Adds support for expiring stable values
  • Adds additional network information to the log file
  • The IXrouter now reports OpenVPN and OpenSSL version so it can connect to TLS-1.2-only servers


Please visit our support portal for details and step by step configuration instructions. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our product releases.

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