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Ramona Eikelenboom
Last update: 08-11-2019

Release notes 29-03-2019

IXON Cloud

  • Adds optional interval specification for event based logging.
    You can now set up interval logging on top of event based logging, to be more certain about the status of a specific variable. Some values do not change very often and as an extra check you can, for instance, log the value every hour just to be certain about its status.
  • Adds integration for maximum retention policy.
  • Adds a button and dialog for showing dashboard related alerts.
  • Adds extra check to prevent unneeded prefill API request for live monitors.
  • Improves Ethernet IP, Siemens STEP 7 and OPC UA address format validation.
  • Fixes a problem where you could not always select the option to purchase cloud notify with a coupon code.
  • Fixes incorrect sizing on iOS safari browsers for the liquid tank styled gauge widget.
  • Fixes an exception for the data report gauge-widget that occurs if there is no data to be displayed.
  • Adds exception-tracker service that logs all exceptions thrown to help find bugs before they are reported.
  • Adds visual indicator when removing a service.
  • Improved SSID validation.
  • It is now possible to delete child companies from the my company page.
  • The my companies page is now better suited for large hierarchical company structures.
  • Improved one-time password step in login form.
  • The default formula for status widget is now "last" instead of "mode".
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a problem with the naming of files that for some users could cause an error during a platform update.
  • Fixes bug that could is some cases cause an error when no data available.
  • Fixes bug causing an error when you focus on the unit input field.
  • Fixes bug causing required fields to block form submission.
  • Fixes trigger removal.
  • Fixes interval specification creation and update problems
  • Fixes a bug where a Type error could be thrown when the agent's local IP data is incomplete.
  • Fixes a bug where the status widget would only show the period from the moment there is data.
  • Fixes a bug where the graph widget legend would not always be visible.
  • Fixes a bug where dragging a pin across the map would not accurately set the device's position.
  • Fixes a bug where the user would incorrectly be prompted on reload while having a VPN connection.
  • Fixes a bug where special characters in the device's name would be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixes a bug that in some cases could prevent the graph from zooming to the correct time span.
  • Fixes a problem where some alarms where unintentionally set to unary type.
  • Updated graph and status widget's maximum height on mobile screen sizes to take in account the dynamic legend size.
  • Fixes double factor calculation in report gauge widget.
  • Fixes autofill not working on iOS Chrome.
  • Fixes Siemens variable address overlapping with data block.

Firmware 3.13

  • [BACnet-ip] The IXrouter can now pull data from multiple devices
  • [BACnet-ip] The IXrouter can now function for foreign device registration
  • [BACnet-ip] The IXrouter can now serve as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD).
  • Adds support for expiring stable values
  • Adds additional network information to the log file
  • The IXrouter now reports OpenVPN and OpenSSL version so it can connect to TLS-1.2-only servers

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