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Ramona Eikelenboom
Last update: 08-11-2019

Release notes 24-12-2018

IXON Cloud platform


  • Added log on trigger functionality.
    You can now log data in batches upon trigger. A variable can be set as trigger and can have multiple linked data tags. As soon as this variable is triggered, all linked data tags will be logged once.
  • Added Micro800 CPU for EtherNet/IP.


  • Added a cursor pointer on the firmware icon on the device info screen.
  • Added an extra status message for when you do have a data source, but no variables.
  • An error message is now shown when synchronizing tags with more values per hour than allowed.
  • Improved error checking for the SMTP variable string length.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where multiple period widgets were using the same query.
  • Fixed a bug with the VNC display not correctly interpreting mouse events.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the option menu for Internet Explorer 11 browsers.
  • Fixed a bug that was introduced with the new DHCP server settings in which the range would not update on router LAN IP-address changes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused vendor scripts to not load correctly for the iOS and Android app.

IXrouter (Firmware 3.12)


  • Added IXagent version to the log file.

Bug Fixes

  • [Ethernet/IP] Fixed a bug where with invalid characters in the address, the pullapp would crash.
  • [BACnet/IP] Fixed a bug where the pullapp would be confused if there were multiple BACnet devices in the network.

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