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Ramona Eikelenboom
Last update: 08-11-2019

Release notes 09-11-2018


  • Support for creating a BACnet/IP data source (requires firmware version 3.10).
  • Supports 8 bit (u)integer for ethernet/ip micro800 CPU.
  • Improved support for logging SMTP variables (requires firmware version 3.10).


  • Removes support for older VPN client implementations (version 0.2.0 or older).
  • All file downloads are now handled through one service.
  • Country is now a required field.
  • Improves app performance by reducing the amount of messages shown initially.
  • Improved performance by excluding unneeded fields from API requests.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a performance bug where the browser would continuously draw an invisible progress spinner.
  • Fixed an edge case where an incorrect connection status could be shown temporarily.
  • Fixed a bug where a selection of data alarms would not get exported.
  • Fixed translation for a digital input setting in the configuration-file tool.
  • Fixed a bug where the period field for alarms with a minimum period would not always be set properly.
  • Added a service that makes sure the application can't get stuck in an API request loop.
  • Fixed a bug where the browser OS version would be shown incorrectly.
  • Fixed a browser bug in Safari where you would not be able to download a configuration file or CSV export.

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