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Dylan Eikelenboom
Last update: 10-05-2022

6 must-have security features for an Industrial IoT portal

What should you pay attention to when purchasing an IoT portal? Usually, when doing research for the best IoT portal, you look for a combination of the best features. However, security should not be forgotten. You can have a great solution, but if it’s not secure enough and you fall victim to a cyber attack, you have nothing but misery.

An IoT portal should include at least these features to be considered properly secured:

Choosing the right IoT portal

In addition to these features, you should choose an IoT portal with management commitment, which ensures that security is a priority throughout the organisation. Determine whether this is the case by checking if they have the right certifications and if they are transparent about security.

Does your current IoT portal include all must-have security features? Then you have chosen the right one, and less to worry about in terms of security. Does your IoT portal lack these features or are you still looking for a good solution? Ask multiple IoT providers about their security features and bring this checklist to see whether these features are included.

Want to know more about IXON’s security features? Read our security white paper to learn how everything around security is arranged in the IXrouter, IXON Cloud and the organisation itself.

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