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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 01-12-2020

Misconception #3: Cloud is an irresponsible way to run your business

Wrong. In fact, cloud solutions can make your company safer and more efficient.

So what is the main downside of using a cloud solution? A data breach? Admittedly, no system is 100% secure. But that's just as true for your own internal servers, because that's where most data breaches occur! Most organisations need up to 60 days to install security patches on their systems, which is a major concern.

If you think that no one is using cloud solutions because 'the cloud' cannot be trusted, you may have missed that it is a fast growing market, especially since the Coronavirus is spreading wildly and remote solutions are rapidly gaining popularity.

The worst-case scenario is that your preferred cloud provider stops, and you have to transfer your data to another solution. Your data is still safe, you just need to store it elsewhere.

If data loss is important to you, what about your disaster recovery plan? What people, processes and technologies do you have in place to minimize the impact of incidents such as flooding, fire or current social distancing limits?

Working in the cloud also means that your data is stored away from your premises, reducing the risk of data loss and allowing you to access your data anytime, anywhere - after you have authenticated yourself in a secure manner.

The covid-19 crisis proves that remote working from home is essential for your business continuity. In this respect, the 'cloud' is a central element, which can improve collaboration between colleagues by working simultaneously on the same project. Access to the right machines and data has become a necessity in these kinds of situations.

Besides the flexibility that the cloud offers when working remotely, one of the biggest advantages is perhaps that you don't have to put all the costs and time into your own servers or data centre beforehand. Up- and downscaling of the required capacity is super fast. This is one of the main reasons why the cloud is safer for your business. The cost of implementing and maintaining your own systems is often so high that companies don't spend enough money to really get a high-quality, secure system.

Staff turnover is also a risk that proprietary systems often don't take into account. But what do you do when the IT guy who understood everything so well, starts working for another company. Finding the right replacements at once is absolutely no sinecure. Because although the labour market will offer some space, good personnel remains scarce.

Working with a high-quality cloud storage provider, such as IXON, will almost certainly entail fewer risks. The cloud provider’s main priority is the security and availability of its services. These organisations are built around this principle and can afford to give it the focus it deserves. Read all about IXON’s security precautions in our security whitepaper.

We are convinced that the future for business lies in the cloud. Cloud-based solutions are simply more cost-efficient, scalable, offer better opportunities for collaboration and above all, are more secure to work with. 

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