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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 09-09-2021

IXrouter: Industrial VPN Router for PLC Remote Access and Data

Quick setup, secure connection to controls in the field and remote upgrade for data capabilities

IXON Cloud and the integrated edge gateway, the IXrouter, is the ideal solution for PLC remote maintenance and remote commissioning. It comes with a free web-based platform to manage all your devices and securely share machine access and insights with others.

Main features:

  • PLC remote access: set up a secure, encrypted VPN tunnel from PC to PLC through IXON’s web portal.
  • Remotely connect to any device: including PLC, HMI, Drive, Camera and Robot. Compatible with any modern brand like Siemens, Omron, B&R, Wago, Universal Robots, Fanuc etc.
  • Built-in security: exclusively outbound connections and a built-in firewall protect the corporate network and intellectual property from unwanted visitors.
  • Compact industrial design: metal case, DIN-rail mounting and fits in any control cabinet.
  • Local power on the edge: activate data features (logging, dashboards, alarms) remotely, without new hardware or on-site visits. No programming skills needed and a wide range of support for industrial protocols like OPC-UA, Ethernet/IP and Modbus.
  • One core, different connectivity options: online via ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular.

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IXrouter: Industrial VPN router for a wide range of applications

The IXrouter is IXON’s Industrial IoT connectivity gateway and is an industrial VPN router with built-in edge functionality. Machine manufacturers and system integrators embed the smart device in their machines and robots by default for secure remote support to their controls in the field. Our end-to-end IoT solution is used in several sectors, like Manufacturing, Food & Packaging, Building Automation, Robotics, Agri and Energy.

Industrial IoT connectivity for remote support PLC

IXON’s industrial VPN router is designed to fit in any machine’s control cabinet and offers easy remote access for remote troubleshooting, uploading and downloading of PLC programmes, access to an IP camera or webserver, remote use of an HMI and data features.

Easy and fast installation, no IT knowledge required

IXON’s industrial VPN router comes with the easiest installation in the market – this video explains the 3-step setup to connect your IXrouter to the IXON Cloud platform in just minutes. The animation below shows a quick impression of how it works.

Animation how secure remote access to S PLC works with IXON Cloud & IXrouter (Industrial VPN router)

One powerful core, different connectivity options

The IXrouter is connected to the internet, helping prevent up to 90% of on-site maintenance visits. The embedded firmware is similar in all models, you only need to choose the connectivity method that best fits your application. With various ethernet, Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE models, you can connect your PLC securely to the IXON Cloud platform in any circumstance.

  • View all accessories here.
  • Download a full list of specification here.
Industrial VPN router - IXrouter models Industrial VPN router - IXrouter models

All necessary tools for remote access included with an IXrouter

Along with IXON’s industrial VPN routers, our end-to-end SaaS solution includes usage of VPN connections for an unlimited number of users – no need for additional VPN client software. You can also add a VNC or HTTP service to remotely access and control your HMI or access a webserver from your laptop or mobile phone. All included with the purchase of an IXrouter, and easily expandable using add-ons when you need it. For an overview of all the included features, see our clear pricing model.

Remote access and a secured corporate network

As security is the cornerstone of everyday operations, the industrial VPN router (and the IXON Cloud platform) are equipped with the highest security measures to protect your customer’s network and data.

Because of our extensive security measures and the customers’ need for secure solutions, we created this comprehensive security whitepaper. It explains all security facets and how we protect the corporate network, data and cloud environment. 

Creating added value for the machine owners

Besides these powerful features for machine manufacturers and integrators, the IXON Cloud platform offers features that allow for collaboration with your customers by sharing machine access and data insights on PCs and smartphones via browser or mobile app

This encourages quality improvement and higher machine productivity by presenting data in (real-time data) dashboards for condition monitoring and giving machine operators the tools for portable access to their HMI panels. You can even apply your corporate identity to the platform with the white labelling feature, to extend the total experience of your machine.

In our Free Product Tour you can explore the IXON Cloud platform and test the VPN and dashboard functionalities for yourself. Try it here.

Taking your PLC to the future with easy data collection and alarms

Working on your industry 4.0 journey to get more value from your service or machines? Then it’s time to collect your machine data and cleverly put it to use.

With the IXON solution, you can upgrade your PLC and cobots with data logging, data visualisation and alarming. Due to the web-based configuration of data sources and the drag & drop interface, creating real-time data dashboards doesn’t even require a single line of code.

Besides the advanced data features, you can connect IXON to any third-party solution using the API. The graphic below gives an overview of IXON’s end-to-end industrial platform.

IXON Cloud - End-to-end Industrial IoT platform IXON Cloud - End-to-end Industrial IoT platform

Getting started with PLC remote access

It all starts with a secure VPN connection to your industrial equipment. Therefore we encourage our customers to get started with a 30-day trial kit. In this period you can explore the full potential and experience how easy remote access can be.

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