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Patrick Smits
Last update: 01-01-2022

IXrouter included in EPLAN Data Portal

Starting Friday June 19th, the component data of all IXON routers and accessories are included in the EPLAN Data Portal. This makes it very easy for users of the EPLAN Platform to consult data from IXON routers and accessories and include those in their designs.

Overloon, June 22, 2020 – Machine, control and switchgear construction has been making extensive use of product data such as those offered within the EPLAN Data Portal for many years. In this Data Portal, component data from more than 300 manufacturers with nearly 1 million products are available. Manufacturers supply this data themselves and can easily keep it up to date. With this device data, users of the EPLAN Data Portal can simplify and speed up their engineering processes worldwide.

For the design of virtual control cabinets, engineers can easily select the required macros, component data and 3D data in the EPLAN Data Portal and include them in their CAE designs. This makes it very easy to automatically make connections between equipment from different manufacturers.

Remote Service & IIoT service provider IXON is rapidly advancing worldwide to offer machine builders and system integrators remote access and data services for industrial machines and building management systems. To provide these services, IXON uses IXrouters, self-designed VPN gateways optimized specifically for this application. 

By adding IXON's IXrouters to the EPLAN Data Portal, it becomes much easier and more accessible for designers of industrial installations to combine IXON with other products in their EPLAN designs.

The IXON IXrouters and accessories are now included in the EPLAN Data Portal. The IXON IXrouters and accessories are now included in the EPLAN Data Portal.

Bart van den Corput, Product Manager at IXON says: "Many of our customers use EPLAN for the design of switch cabinets. Adding all IXON products to the EPLAN Data Portal was therefore a natural choice. One of IXON's core values is that we want to serve our customers as optimally as possible. Now IXON's products have been added to the EPLAN Data Portal, our customers can use our products even more easily during the design of the switch cabinets. We have added both 2D and 3D models to create a maximum customer experience".

By now, all types of routers and their accessories have been added to the portal. Bart adds: "From our account manager at EPLAN, Paul Lempens, we received the right information to upload IXON's products into the Data Portal. We made all the technical drawings ourselves in 2D and 3D in EPLAN. The EDZ-files have been presented to the EPLAN content quality department for review and after a few revisions we got the green light and obtained the EDS certificate. A great result, of which we are very proud and happy!"

About IXON

IXON offers machine builders, system integrators and other automators a secure and user-friendly end-to-end IIoT solution. This makes it very easy for customers to offer remote access and remote service to customers of these industrial machines. IXON is active in over 100 countries and serves tens of thousands of customers.

An important part of the IXON product range is a self-designed industrial VPN router, the IXrouter, which is specifically designed to bring machines online securely and minimize the risk of data leaks. There are several models of the IXrouter with different connection possibilities.

Thanks to IXON's remote service solution, machine builders are able to focus on delivering highly efficient machines and equipment and provide customized service, without having to worry about security issues. By analyzing machine data in IXON Cloud, it is possible to build dashboards (Web HMI) for online condition monitoring and to offer predictive maintenance or other business models. It is our mission to support machine builders in their work by offering the most secure and user-friendly IIoT and remote access solutions. Experience IXON and the IXrouter yourself at www.ixon.cloud and try the free demo.


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