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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 14-05-2021

IXON Cloud API explained

Build and integrate your custom machine app on top of a robust Industrial IoT Platform

When you strive to build the next level machines with a custom app for controlling or monitoring the machine, you face a big challenge. Innovation can be tricky and, in the end, needs continuous maintenance or monitoring. And then I haven’t even talked about issues you’ll need to conquer during the journey like how to access your machine, log and store data and reduce cybersecurity risks.

Using IXON’s API, you can quick-start your custom project and benefit from a solid and secure basis which you can easily integrate into your stack. Use one of the standard integrations such as Tableau BI-tool, Zapier and PagerDuty or set up an integration with PaaS providers or machine learning platform.

New to APIs? What is a REST API?

[[API documentation]]

Integrate IXON's IoT platform with your stack Integrate IXON's IoT platform with your stack

How the IXON Cloud API works

Your machines are connected, via the IXrouter or IXagent, to your IXON Cloud company account. Once connected you have several ways to access machines remotely (VPN, VNC, HTTP), gather historical/real-time machine data or setup machine alarms. All settings and collected data are securely stored in the IXON Cloud database cluster. 

Using the IXON Cloud API you get complete access to all IXON Cloud functionality and collected machine data. Manage, configure and access your devices, users and data in any other application or integrate it with external PaaS or SaaS platforms.

Overview of IXON Cloud open API for IoT integration

All IXON Cloud features are available in API endpoints. This makes our platform fully open for integration with other SaaS or PaaS applications. The IXON Cloud web service is a RESTful API that uses JSON over HTTPS. Manage a company, users, devices, collected machine data and secure VPN connections to your machine’s PLC, HMI or any attached industrial device. It’s all there and ready to use! Get in touch to discuss your project. 

[[API documentation]]

Tip: GitHub API example project

Benefits of building on top of IXON’s industrial IoT data platform

There are endless ways you can use our solution for your custom application or proof of concept. If you use the IXON Cloud you:

  • Quick-start your custom Industrial IoT project with ready-to-use functionality
  • Build on top of a secure platform with 24/7 monitoring, data protection, GDPR compliance and ISO-27001 certifications
  • Use a scalable and worldwide low latency, accessible platform via our distributed server infrastructure
  • Get support and advice from our technical products specialists for your custom application

Example applications of IXON’s open IoT platform

Companies such as Fancom and Dorset Group have already paved the way. They combine the power of a proven standard with the unique possibilities of their customized application.

Below you’ll find some examples of how you can use IXON Cloud functionality for other applications:

  • Hotraco: Fortica® system
    This app uses IXON’s VNC functionality to view and control HMIs in a mobile app.
  • Tableau
    This tool allows you to move IXON Cloud Logging data into Tableau, a Business Intelligence tool.
  • Power BI connector for IXON Cloud
    One of our partners, Procesmatch, used our API to source the data to Microsoft Power BI.
  • Fancom - INFINIA
    Fancom implemented IXON’s user management, authentication, VPN and data in their custom platform INFINIA.
  • Github Demo project
    View and download our example of a custom web application built on IXON Cloud API.
IXON Github demo project using the API IXON Github demo project using the API

Start your proof of concept machine application

Choose IXON Cloud and build on a powerful, secure basis to quick-start your IoT project. Explore our endlessly expandable IoT platform: from advanced analytics to data collaboration and machine learning. 

Get in touch to discuss your project and create a prototype using IXON Cloud. Or create your free IXON Cloud account to explore the platform.

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