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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 29-03-2021

IXON at Hannover Messe 2019

Get ready for one of the biggest Industrie 4.0 events of the year! The Hannover Messe takes place from 1 April until 5 April 2019, where you can find IXON at the Digital Factory trade show.

Exhibition highlights

Easy remote access to your industrial machinery

Ever find yourself frustrated with the status quo? Having to travel hours to fix an issue that could have easily been fixed remotely? Stop wasting precious time and money on unnecessary machine downtime. Improve your efficiency, reduce costs and provide better machine service to your customers with remote access on the IXON Cloud.

Curious about what remote access can do for you? BMO Automation provides 90% of their machine troubleshooting remotely. Continue reading the BMO Automation success story to learn all about how you can benefit from remote access.

Instant notifications in the event of an emergency

Never miss another key event in your industrial machines with web-based notifications. Is your oven’s temperature too high, or a battery’s capacity too low? Has a short circuit led to a machine malfunction? Cloud Notify sends these alerts (and many, many more!) via email, push messages or webhooks.

Monitor and analyse your machines with historical data

Your machines generate massive amounts of valuable data. Gaining insight into your machines opens new doors for your business, such as optimizing machine efficiency or predicting when maintenance will be needed. The IXON Cloud collects, stores and visualises all your most important machine data. Easily create your own dashboards or transfer your data using the API.

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