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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 19-05-2022

[Infographic] The Industrial IoT Maturity Journey

How to go from digitalisation to intelligent machines in manufacturing

This infographic is a visual representation of the journey explained in the Industrial IoT maturity model. Follow these steps in your journey from digitalisation to intelligent machines to successfully implement Industry 4.0 in your enterprise. An Industrial IoT platform, like IXON Cloud, can help you during each stage of your journey.

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<a href="https://www.ixon.cloud/knowledge-hub/how-to-rise-in-the-iiot-maturity-model-for-the-manufacturing-industry" title="Industrial IoT maturity model manufacturing"><img src="https://www.ixon.cloud/media/g2jh005e/ixon-iiot-maturity-infographic-web-en.png" alt="Infographic Industrial IoT Maturity Journey" /></a>


The journey from digitalisation to intelligent machines


It starts when industrial machines and operations are controlled by software via PLCs, Sensors, Cobots and HMI screens.


Devices are connected to the internet and made accessible from outside the factory. Secure VPN access and web platforms make remote control and maintenance of machines more efficient.

Data Analyses

Machine data are collected and stored securely in the cloud. A data strategy is set out to visualize and analyse data for machine and process improvements.

Predictive Capacity

Sophisticated analytics lead to best-practice patterns, and are used to inform service and operation teams when the need for machine maintenance is near or if operations are down.


Connected services and integrated platforms result in smart capabilities like machine learning and artificial intelligence.


The road to IIoT Maturity

This white paper consists of 20 pages of concrete next steps in the Industrial IoT journey and real-life examples on how to succesfully implement IIoT as a machine manufacturer.

White paper: The Road to IIoT Maturity in Machine Manufacturing