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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 07-10-2021

Industrial IoT Starter Kit for IXON Cloud

Quick-start your project with the IXON Cloud IoT Starter Kit

Getting started with industrial IoT can be quite hard. Especially if you’re looking for a turnkey solution from a trusted partner that enables you to take your first steps with Industrial IoT and industrial remote access. Yet, that is exactly what we developed: a seamless Industrial IoT platform for machine builders and system integrators without large investments or the need for specialized skills.

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IXON Cloud IIoT platform & IXON edge gateway IXON Cloud IIoT platform & IXON edge gateway

IIoT for industrial machines & robots

IXON is supplier of a Software as a Service platform IXON Cloud and integrated connectivity solution (IXrouter) for any industrial application. It swiftly connects industrial devices (PLC, HMI, Robot, Sensor, IP-Camera) to the IXON Cloud platform for secure VPN access, data logging, alarms and data visualisation purposes to gain better insights in your machines, and makes remote troubleshooting easy. View all features here.

How to quick-start your Industrial IoT project

At IXON, we noticed there are two bottlenecks hindering IoT adoption: high initial investment costs and a lack of expertise to get started. There are no industrial solutions that allow you to take your first steps with a free starter pack and a few hours of your time to set up a proof of concept.

In addition, most systems need IT experts to configure and do not originate from a single source. That’s why IXON created an all-in-one solution with a plug and play setup.

Quick-Start your Industrial IoT project Quick-Start your Industrial IoT project

((10 tips to quick-start your IIoT implementation))


Seamless Industrial IoT

To make life easier for our customers (machine builders and system integrators), we created a seamless industrial IoT solution. The IXrouter is fully integrated with the IXON Cloud and automatically connects to the IXON Cloud platform, so your machine equipment is remotely accessible in just minutes with the 3 step guide. Check out the 3 Step Setup Video.

Build your IoT business case

It takes time to gain confidence in a solution and explore whether it fits your company’s needs and those of your customers. Using IXON’s free starter kit you can test a full scenario to build your business case, with all the features IXON Cloud has to offer. While configuring we can help you to get the most out of your trial period and build a satisfying business case.

Tip: ROI calculator tool

Get the free Industrial IoT Starter Pack of IXON

Try before you buy! Experience the IXON Cloud and integrated IXrouter for a seamless IoT solution. During a 30-day trial period, you can explore all the features, the easy setup and endless possibilities to get the most out of your machines.

IXON Cloud IoT Starter Kit IXON Cloud IoT Starter Kit

Included in the IoT starter kit:

  • IXrouter3 with 4 ethernet ports
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi and 4G available for internet access in any situation
  • Step-by-step guide for easily setting up remote access to your machine
  • Accessories to help you get started, including antennas and a power supply
  • Free and unlimited management of your machines, customers & users on the IXON Cloud
  • 30-day trial for the IXrouter and data features (Cloud Logging and Cloud Notify) without any obligations.
IoT Starter Kit contents IoT Starter Kit contents

Experience a full IIoT implementation in a 30-day free trial

Once the trial period has ended, we’ll get in touch to talk about your experience with the IXrouter and IXON Cloud. You can decide for yourself how you wish to proceed.

Satisfied? You can purchase the starter kit or switch to another model IXrouter.
Not satisfied or not ready? No worries, just return your starter kit to IXON.

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