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Sjors de Kleijn

Increase uptime in machine operations with IXON and iLert's alerting and on-call platform

Get faster response times to machine alerts and meet your service level agreements using IXON Cloud and the iLert integration.

We are happy to announce that it's now possible to integrate with iLert, a modern incident management platform for operation teams. The complete solution contains advanced functionality for alerting and on-call monitoring. With the reliable and actionable alert system, you can warn the right people so that action can be taken quickly to prevent escalation. You can manage your team members, shifts and the way alarms should be handled via SMS, push message or voice call. 

We’re super excited about our partnership with IXON. Through the IXON Cloud platform, we’re able to bring iLert’s incident response capabilities to machine builders to increase uptime in factory operations.

Birol Yildiz
Managing Director at iLert
IXON Cloud integrated with alerting platform iLert IXON Cloud integrated with alerting platform iLert

Advanced machine alerting system to increase uptime

On top of IXON Cloud’s alarming system (Cloud Notify) you can dispatch real-time notifications from your machines to iLert. That way, you can leverage iLert's alerting, scheduling and escalation capabilities to send critical alerts from your machines to the right personnel and take immediate action.

Due to the easy setup of both platforms, alarms can be configured from machine data in the IXON Cloud and sent to iLert via webhooks. This allows machine builders to create an advanced machine uptime alerting system to respond faster to alarms, without the need for coding. 

  • Inform members on shift faster about real-time machine events on any device
  • Trigger escalations when responding takes too long using voice calls
  • Access your machine immediately with remote access tools via IXON Cloud to solve the issue from anywhere.

With the integration you can act faster in case your customer’s machine runs into low consumables, needs parts replacement or when downtime is registered. This creates new business opportunities to validate your SLA response times and improve the machine uptime.

Overview of the alarm in iLert with detailed information and instructions Overview of the alarm in iLert with detailed information and instructions

Try the integration for free

If you are new to IXON Cloud or iLert, you can create a full test scenario (from machine event to alert response) for free. You need these requirements to get started:

  • IXON Cloud account: create your free IXON Cloud account here
  • IXrouter to connect your PLC to the IXON Cloud. Request an evaluation kit to test it for 30 days — free of charge and obligation
  • Cloud Notify license: you can request a 30-day trial or activate the trial yourself on your IXON Cloud account
  • iLert account: you can create a 14-day trial

Once you’ve connected the machine’s PLC to the IXrouter (and the router to the internet), you can configure a data source and variables in the IXON Cloud. The IXrouter collects machine data automatically and makes it available for triggers and alarms in Cloud Notify and iLert. Read full documentation.

[[Create your IXON Cloud account]]

or Request an IXrouter trial kit.