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Sjors de Kleijn
Last update: 10-02-2021

How to make your machine’s data more valuable

Are you getting the most out of your machines?

Collecting machine data increases your ability to understand what's going on with your industrial equipment. You can act faster when something occurs or gain useful insights to optimise the machine's productivity. Gathering valuable information which you can share with your customers or management.

But what is machine data and how can you transform big data from machine into valuable insights you can act on?

What is machine data?

Machine data is data which is generated by machines without any human involvement. It's highly important as machines create lots of data, far more than people.

Types of machine data

There are several types of machine data which you can generate or create. Most common types of machine data come from PLC, robots, sensors or meters, interactions by machine or user input (e.g. switches), algorithms calculated using other data, and data from automation tasks.

All these types of data are useful to create an overview of the machine's state or its productivity.

How to make your machine data count more

Take advantage of the data your machine already generates. You can use (existing) machine data to gain insights for maintenance purposes, machine improvements, generating more upsells or providing faster service.

Use your machine data to collect continuous data (measured at infinite points) and discrete data (countable). The collection of this data allows you to:

  • Predict when to replace a machine part, based on operation hours;
  • Count if the production numbers are on target;
  • Monitor the machine state, such as drops or increases in temperature; and
  • Discover if all peripherals (e.g. sensors, IP cameras, robots or lasers) work correctly.

Visualise machine data in dashboards with big data storage in the cloud

A great way to create insights and manage KPIs for your service engineers or your customer's production operator is to visualise the machine data into machine dashboards. Fully generated by a collection of information pulled from the machine.

Example of how valuable machine data is visualised in an IXON dashboard Example of how valuable machine data is visualised in an IXON dashboard

The combination of these data collections is called big data and it's usually too large to be handled by traditional (local) databases. The best way to store this data is by using a cloud environment. Web-based platforms use time series databases and edge aggregation techniques, which are built for securely storing loads of data based on specific timestamps in the cloud. This allows you to log data on trigger, interval or change.

So when you're using a cloud environment, you can visualise your big data with live or historical machine dashboards.

Use machine data to trigger alarms

Another way to provide faster troubleshooting is by triggering alarms when a fluctuation in your data occurs. Logged data based on trigger, change or interval is useful when monitoring changes. Send out notifications when you reach a maximum or minimum value or if a problem occurs.

Use digital alarms like email, SMS or push messaging to act proactively towards your customer. You can provide service more quickly and you'll be sure to stay within the limits of your SLA agreements.

Create alarms using machine data Create alarms using machine data

Collect and visualise machine data in minutes using IXON Cloud

IXON Cloud is engineered for machine builders and systems integrators to get secure machine insights available on the cloud without coding. With the machine data (gathered with our edge gateway) you create stunning live & historical dashboards, and trigger alarms with just a simple configuration.

You don't need the knowledge or time to develop your own (branded) cloud Industrial IoT platform. Just create a company account, connect your PLC with our integrated connectivity and you're ready to get started with industrial remote access and configure all the data, dashboards and alarms you need.

Examples of machine data dashboards

In this page you'll find some great examples of our customers using IXON Cloud's dashboards feature. 

Make machine data more valuable in IXON Cloud using dashboards and alarms Make machine data more valuable in IXON Cloud using dashboards and alarms

Start making your services data-driven with machine data using Industrial IoT

Get started with IXON Cloud and experience the ease of use. Discover how to transform your machine data into web-based dashboards in your company branded IoT portal where you can act on.

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