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Sjors de Kleijn

How to adapt to your client’s IIoT needs in the manufacturing sector

Internationalisation, connectivity and digitalisation (i.e. Industry 4.0 or IIoT) are trends and developments we experience in the machine manufacturing industry. Part of these trends is a continuous demand for remote access solutions to troubleshoot machine issues from remote.

In fact, most machine manufacturers are already using some form of industrial remote access to connect to their industrial devices (e.g. PLC, HMI, PC or robot). These solutions range from basic VPN and remote desktop solutions to proprietary solutions to proven outsourced solutions. Many companies are now taking the next step in their IIoT journey: collecting and using valuable machine data.

The increasing demands of the machine's end user

On the other hand, we’re also experiencing an increased curiosity into Industry 4.0 implementations from the end users. The machine’s owners or local production managers have started requesting access to real-time production data.

You can offer your customer such insights by providing an app — accessible anytime, anywhere via mobile devices. Supply clients with the main production parameters in an easy-to-understand and accessible data overview fit for non-technical personnel. This allows your customers to fully optimise the machine’s production capacity.

We foresee that the demand for data solutions that make machine insights available to end users will increase in the (very) near future. Machine manufacturers can create real added value to their industrial systems by becoming proactive and offering data insights to their customers.

But how do you adapt to these demanding needs?

Well, finding the right solution that fits both your needs and the needs of your clients is incredibly difficult. There are so many solutions on the market, and you’ll find new ones popping up every day. Industrial IoT platform, dashboarding tools, data integration solutions and so on. And getting bombarded with Industry 4.0 terminology every day makes things even harder...

So you’re probably looking for something that’s easy to use and provides no hassles to either you or your clients. That’s when IXON comes into play.

Meeting IIoT needs of factory owners

Meeting IIoT needs of factory owners

Get started with a ready-to-use cloud platform that fits yours and your clients’ needs

The ready-to-use IXON Cloud is an open, web-based ecosystem that allows you to easily connect all your machines to a single portal. Any PLC, PC, HMI or robot can become a cloud-enabled device using IXON’s various connectivity solutions — really, any kind of industrial equipment is suitable.

Once connected to the IXON Cloud, it’s a piece of cake to start collecting and storing your machine’s data. Stunning machine dashboards with Drag & Drop widgets allow for data visualisation without technical expertise. Use your data to improve the machine's productivity or monitor upcoming maintenance.

Sharing data insights has never been easier — simply invite your customers and give them the correct access rights. Instant data insights for your clients, without breaking a sweat or writing a single line of code. Discover all IXON Cloud features.

Explore the power of the IXON Cloud solution

Experience the ease and power of IXON Cloud during a 30-minute demo. And discover how to combine industrial remote access and machine data functionalities in one affordable cloud environment.

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