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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 24-12-2019

How IXON helps prevent data loss when connectivity drops

There’s nothing worse than losing machine data when this could have been prevented. A few circumstances can lead to data loss: deletion by a hacker, stolen during an attack, data corruption due to incorrect storage or not being able to store data because of connectivity issues.

How can you minimise the chances of losing your machine data? And how can your IoT solution help prevent data loss? Check out the IXON Cloud Security Whitepaper to find out all about the various solutions we offer to protect your data.

Always keep your machine online with the IXrouter failover

The first safeguard against data loss due to connectivity issues is making sure that your edge gateway device is always online. The IXrouter has a built-in solution, called failover, that helps to keep your machine online.

Simply configure your preferred connection method (wired, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi), a first fallback and even a second fallback. Should your preferred connection drop, the IXrouter will automatically try connect via one of the fallback connections. By making sure that your IXrouter is always online, you won’t be missing any vital machine data.

Continue logging even when your machine is offline

It’s still very possible that your internet connection is down or unavailable. For example, if you don’t have a hardware model that supports multiple internet connections and your wired connection is not stable. Or you may find yourself in a location where no internet is available, such as on a ship.

Even in the toughest conditions, the IXrouter can log all the data you require. The integrated 8 GB Flash memory allows machine data to be stored offline for weeks at a time. As soon as the IXrouter is online again, all machine data is automatically sent to the IXON Cloud over an encrypted connection. Find out how you can utilise your data with IXON Cloud.

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Get more in-depth information on IXON Cloud security by reading our whitepaper, which includes topics such as:

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