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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 13-11-2019

Get more grip on your machine processes

“Let’s check this month’s production numbers. Wow, production has been great! My machines are operating perfectly. There’s been an increase in machine availability and overall production quality. I guess I’ve found the ideal operating formula for my machines. But how can I maintain these results? Last month the produced quantity of the same production line was much lower. What caused this? Were the machine operators sleeping? Was something wrong with my machines?”

IXON Cloud Logging facilitates a production manager with the data and information that allows them to receive a clear overview of the production line. In the example above, the production manager noticed that this month’s produced quantity differed greatly from last month. Now he’s starting to question what might have caused this difference. The Cloud Logging widgets and advanced dashboards empower users to better visualize their data and get a better grip on their machine’s processes.

Period widget Period widget

The newest addition to the Cloud Logging functionality is the period widget. It’s a brand new way of visualizing your machine data in the cloud. Multiple variables can be used and visualized simultaneously in an advanced bar chart. Data is classified in fixed time intervals (hours, days, weeks, etc.) using either stacked or separately displayed bars. This allows you to visualize data such as production quantity, machine hours and alarm states per machine on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Using the rich amount of data that the machines provide, the period widget provides new insights and ways of improving machine efficiency.

Visualize your machine’s processes in no time using advanced Cloud Logging dashboards, available 24/7 for authorized IXplatform users. Simply log in and find the correct data report in a structured overview. From there on users can monitor machine status, production quantity, efficiency measures, you name it! Your data security is ensured by ISO-27001 certified cloud data centers with 24/7 monitoring.

Be sure to check out our Cloud Logging page to find out more on the possibilities and advantages of Cloud Logging, or test it out yourself and start your free Cloud Logging trial today!

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