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Julia Weijs
Last update: 24-12-2019

From traditional machine building to smart industry

On Thursday December 6, the Machinebouw Event took place for the 5th time. This year’s key question was: ‘How do suppliers contribute to making good solutions?’ Through an extensive range of lectures with different topics, visitors could gain detailed insight into the practical applicability of terms such as smart industry, Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT.

We attended the event for the second year in a row. We spoke with visiting machine builders about easily and securely connecting their machines to the cloud, to gain access to their machines from anywhere at anytime and provide better and faster service to their customers. By using Cloud Logging on IXON’s all-in-one IXON Cloud, users can collect and analyse technical data and use it for machine optimization, predictive maintenance and reducing machine downtime. In collaboration with Dinnissen Process Technology, we held a seminar about the transition from traditional machine building to smart industry and the benefits for machine builders.

Perry Koning (Left) speaks about Dinnissen Process Technology's IIoT journey. Perry Koning (Left) speaks about Dinnissen Process Technology's IIoT journey.

Perry Koning from Dinnissen kicked-off the presentation by taking the audience along on their journey of deciding on an industrial remote access solution. Dinnissen, founded in 1948, is a leading player famous for its expertise, products and tailor-made solutions in the world of powders and granules - developed, tested and produced in-house. Perry highlighted the need for what they call their ‘Dinnissen Productivity Platform’ in relation to their various projects around the world. Because capable and experienced service engineers are scarce, the need to remotely access their machines grew.

Why does Dinnissen connect its machines to the cloud?

Quite simply for three reasons. First of all, in order to access their machines from anywhere at anytime. Secondly, to gain valuable insight into machine data which can be used to move towards new business models such as predictive maintenance. Their last reason to use an all-in-one Industrial IoT solution is to analyse data and share this with their end users. Perry’s advice to other machine builders is simple: “Set clear goals, make sure you protect your data and use the right tools. Find a customer who is willing to take that first step with you and find the right partner that can help you easily and securely connect your machines to the cloud”.

With these final words Perry handed the microphone to our very own Job Euwes. Job took us a few steps back, to when machine builders start to think about IIoT and remote access. “I notice that, when I speak with our customers about Industry 4.0 and remote access, that they are apprehensive of these terms. They realize they need to make a move but are unsure of where to start”, he explained. Job’s advice to these companies is similar as to Perry’s advice. Don’t expect that once you connect your machine to the cloud you can instantly provide predictive maintenance. Find a like-minded customer and test the waters. Start of with better remote service from a portal which can be used by both you and your customer. “The title of this presentation asks what’s in it for you,” Job continued. “However, this is something I can’t answer for you. It’s something you need to discuss with your customer. What do you want to achieve? How are you going to visualise machine insights?”

Job Euwes from IXON speaks during the seminar at the Machinebouw Event Job Euwes from IXON speaks during the seminar at the Machinebouw Event

Only after you’ve made the decision to get started with remote access, you can start thinking of new business models. Service engineers are always busy and never at the office. Save time spent at the customer’s location for problems that could have easily been fixed remotely. Once remote service is fully integrated into your business, you can move towards data logging to gain insight into your machines and visualise this data. Now it’s time to start thinking about additional business models such as pay-per-use or predictive maintenance.

Think big, start small, scale fast

The key takeaway from our seminar at the Machinebouw Event is to make that first move. Make sure that you find a customer who is willing to take that first step with you and define clear goals for achieving smarter machines. Find a partner that can really help you set up your own cloud-based portal and understands that you have to start small before you can grow into a company with a full-scale Industrial IoT implementation.

Want to get started with Industry 4.0, but not sure if it’s something for you or how to take that first step? Feel free to contact us via or +31 (0)85 744 1105, we’re happy to help!

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