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Willem Hofmans
Last update: 18-01-2021

From our CEO: Courage and trust are essential in moving forward

Dear reader,

Looking back at what’s been accomplished in an organisation and appreciating the value of the people around you, isn’t something that happens every day. The end of a year, just before Christmas, is the perfect moment to do so. A moment wherein your relationships receive a little bit of extra attention and their importance is highlighted.

IXON has grown into a fully mature organisation at a truly rapid pace. That’s fantastic, obviously, but why is it so great? What does IXON offer to people in its surroundings and the rest of the world? And what’s IXON’s raison d'être?

Only 6 years ago our situation was very different, IXON didn’t even exist yet. We were just a small software company with great engineers, but zero experience in bringing a product to the market. This inexperience (and the accompanying nonchalance) turned out to be the key factor in having enough courage to start the company, which at that point we decided to name IXON.

The courage and trust that the people around us have put into these promises, have led IXON to where it is now.

Willem Hofmans

Courage and trust are essential in moving forward. The last few years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many people and witnessed the amount of courage and trust that a person has within them.

To make IXON grow, we’ve made a lot of promises – about quality, career paths, product developments, security, uptime and service. The courage and trust that the people around us have put into these promises, have led IXON to where it is now. This isn’t something that comes naturally, it’s incredibly courageous and requires a lot of trust.

First of all, trust from our IXON colleagues (nearly 50 now) and – not to forget – our former coworkers. The fact that they’ve put all their time, energy and personal growth into the promises that IXON has made, is extraordinarily incredible.

Furthermore, our suppliers and advisors who took us seriously no matter how small we were and trusted in the growth we were aiming for. And our distribution partners who invest in our worldwide expansion every day.

And last but certainly not least: nor do we take for granted the trust that we’ve received from our customers (1.000+) and users (10.000+) around the globe. Your trust isn’t due to the decades-long history of our company – we don’t have that yet 😉. But it is due to the hard work and individual reputation of every single person associated with IXON.

A promise is a promise

This may sound negative, but it’s not. Keeping your promises is what everyone aims to do, it’s the thing that energises you and brings satisfaction. This is exactly what we do every day. Together we make sure that expectations are met and that our colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers grow together. And sure, we also contribute something to the rest of the world! We ensure that machines run more efficiently and experience less downtime, making them more productive and goods more accessible for everyone with less of a burden on the environment.

On behalf of everyone at IXON, I want to thank you all for the great relationships we built along the way.

The foundation for IXON has been built and there are major new developments in the pipeline. Together we’ll make sure that this period in time really does go down as the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0). That’s a promise!

Happy holidays,

Willem Hofmans