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Shelly Boom
Last update: 22-03-2021

Frequently asked questions about IXON Cloud 2

We can imagine that the arrival of IXON Cloud 2 raises some questions. Some new features have been added and some features have changed. To give you quick answers on your most common questions we created this FAQ blog. 

What are the differences between the old and the new platform?

The most notable change when you migrate to IXON Cloud 2 is the new design, in which the platform has been divided into four apps: Admin, Fleet Manager, IXON Studio and Portal. This article will give you a short introduction of the new platform and show you the differences between the four apps and what their purposes are. 

One of the major changes of IXON Cloud 2 is role-based access control. You’re now able to assign every user to roles and divide your devices and users into groups. The second new feature is IXON Studio. This is one of the four apps mentioned earlier. Here you can customise your own IoT portal and design machine cards and dashboards.

Can I still create sub companies?

It’s still possible to create sub companies, but in a different way than before. The sub companies expired and can from now on be set up with categories and roles through advanced user management.

How can I use IXON Cloud 2?

The ‘old’ IXON Cloud and the ‘new’ IXON Cloud 2 are two different platforms. To make use of IXON Cloud 2, you start by creating an IXON Cloud 2 account. Are you an existing IXON Cloud user and currently using the old platform? Then you can easily migrate after you made a new IXON Cloud 2 account. Don’t forget to also install the new IXON app on your smartphone or tablet.

How can I migrate to IXON Cloud 2?

You can migrate to IXON Cloud 2 with the Migration Wizard. If you would like to know more about migrating to IXON Cloud 2, read our introduction of the Migration Wizard where we show you which steps you have to take before starting the Migration Wizard. Additionally, some FAQs about what is going to be migrated are included.

Do I need to make any changes to my IXrouters or IXagents?

If you’re an existing customer, you don’t need to take extra steps, because the IXrouter and IXagent are fully compatible with IXON Cloud 2. In the new Fleet Manager app, you can simply add new devices if you want to. The only thing you have to do is migrate them once to IXON Cloud 2. If you were using data dashboards in the old platform, they possibly need to be re-created.

Why does the IXON Cloud consist of different apps?

The IXON Cloud is divided into four different apps to tailor the platform to the specific needs of machine builders, service engineers and customers at the same time. Every app has his own purpose and is made easy to use. We think it’s important that every user can focus on their own tasks and that they will be no longer distracted by unnecessary information or features.

What’s the link between the different apps?

All four apps have their own function. 

  • Admin app: set your company identity and manage roles and groups;
  • Fleet Manager app: manage and configure devices;
  • IXON Studio app: customise your IoT Portal by creating your own dashboards and machine cards;
  • Portal app: the central app with an overview of your devices and users.

For a more detailed explanation of all apps, read this blog.

Why is IXON's user management system more complex than before?

The user management system has been expanded, because we wanted to give you even more possibilities in role-based access control. It may look more complex, but it doesn’t have to be. You have the possibility to use default settings if you prefer not to use the extra features. To learn more about our advanced user management system, we advise you to read this blog.

What is the difference between roles and access categories?

In the new user management system it’s possible to create roles and groups and assign users to them. An access category is part of a role to set more specific access rights for services (e.g. VNC and HTTP) and pages. In the infographic below, we show you how the user management structure is put together.

Role-based user management Role-based user management

What are my options for customising the IXON Cloud?

The first option to customise your IoT portal is by setting your corporate identity in the Admin app. Here you can set your company name, logo and company colors. Would you like to have more branding options and really make it your own IoT platform? With our premium branding options you are able to set your own custom IXON Cloud URL, brand your IXrouters with stickers and even launch your own mobile app.

The next customisation option is IXON Studio. Here you get all the freedom to customise your Portal app by creating pages, dashboards, widgets and machine cards. Add everything you need to monitor your machines from a single overview. Add machine images, show important KPIs and buttons for direct remote access. It’s an extension of your services. Would you like to have more information about customisation? Please read our blog about IXON Studio.

How do I visualise machine data in IXON Cloud 2? 

Within IXON Cloud 2, you can visualise machine data in multiple ways with new possibilities. You can create your own pages in IXON Studio and add the components and widgets of your choice to compose your machine dashboards. Choose from a broad range of standard widgets like tables, meters or graphs or create your own widgets with VueJS. It’s also possible to add remote access and cloud logging components to one dashboard or page so you can watch them simultaneously. 

In addition, you can customise your own machine cards and add components and KPI’s to them which can be viewed in the Portal app. This way, you can watch the most important data from multiple machines at a glance in card view.  

How long will the old IXON Cloud remain available?

At the moment, we don’t have any plans to discontinue the old IXON Cloud. We will re-evaluate the status of the old platform at the end of 2021 and give all users a warning one year before the old IXON Cloud discontinues. However, the old IXON Cloud platform will no longer be further developed.

More questions?

Do you have any more questions about IXON Cloud 2? Take a look at our support website to find the answers.

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