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Julia Weijs
Last update: 20-04-2022

Eco-Vision went from using 20 VPN tools to one standard solution

Eco-Vision offers guidance for business projects such as wastewater flow treatments. By combining environmental advice with a pragmatic approach, Eco-Vision aims to implement solutions that combine environmental gain with corporate profit. This requires customisation and lifetime service, from initial analysis to completion.

The company consists of a small team, and the man-hours required to drive to a customer became too costly. “That’s when we started offering remote service. At the time, the customer had to set up a VPN tunnel so that we could log in from here,” Eric Spauwen, Project Engineer at Eco-Vision, explains.

My computer was so full of VPN tools I couldn’t even set up a connection anymore.

Eric Spauwen
Project Engineer at Eco-Vision

Advising customers with data-based insights

Unfortunately, the existing solution soon led to issues. In no time dozens of VPN tools occupied Eric’s computer. “At one time, my computer was so full with those tools that I couldn’t even open a VPN tunnel anymore because it was in conflict with another one,” says Eric. The problems eventually grew to be too much, and it was decided that a new solution had to be found. “That’s when we systematically started looking for one standard solution.”

“We’ve done some projects with other VPN solutions,” Eric begins. “However, I think that IXON really stands out from the crowd in terms of user-friendliness.” This convinced Eco-Vision to use IXON Cloud as their go-to solution. The ability to monitor data with Cloud Logging was an additional perk.

We can advise the customer with precision due to data-based insights.

Eric Spauwen
Project Engineer at Eco-Vision

Eco-Vision employs Cloud Logging so that they no longer have to be on-site to manage the water purification. “The logging tells me everything I need to know. It’s a great tool,” Eric expresses. They mainly use machine data in the last phase of the process to learn more about temperature, pH-value and whether too much is dumped. “We can advise the customer with precision due to data-based insights,” Eric explains. “If you know the curve, you can tell if it may not look good. You can then look for the cause and present this to the customer.”

A standardised solution

The IXON Cloud solution is now standardly included in the budgeting of each project. “We no longer offer remote support using the customer’s own VPN solutions,” Eric states. “We’ve now found a product that works, offers good support and looks great.” Eco-Vision now only has one central solution which works for all its customers, rather than having dozens of different VPN tools.

New customers are always informed about what Eco-Vision has achieved with Cloud Logging. Most customers are immediately convinced of the added value of this extra service. Additionally, Eric is approaching existing customers about implementing Cloud Logging. “It’s evident that there’s a lot of interest in our sector to collect and visualise machine data,” says Eric.

Benefits IXON Cloud offers Eco-Vision:

  • High-quality remote support for customers
  • One standardised VPN access tool
  • No more failed VPN connections
  • Monitoring of machine data
  • Advising customers based on data insights

Want to know more about data logging with IXON Cloud?

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