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Julia Weijs

Easy transition to IIoT for IOdash with IXON Cloud

Short time-to-market helps machine builders with swift implementation of IIoT strategy 

IXON Cloud is a SaaS platform that facilitates a secure cloud connection with industrial devices. The robust platform is reliable and equipped with many security measures to guarantee the integrity of data. Due to the simplicity of the platform and its user-friendliness, over the years the IXON Cloud has grown into a leading Industrial IoT platform for, among others, machine builders, system integrators and building automation engineers.

IXON owes that success to a strong partner network, and one of those (software) partners is IOdash. There was a growing demand from the cut flower industry to gain insight into data generated by sorting machines that process and sort flowers into bundles. To meet this demand, IOdash developed a universal platform to which multiple systems can be connected. For example, in addition to machine data, data from an ERP system can be added too.

Logging machine data with IXON Cloud

Machines generate large amounts of data which are often stored in traditional data warehouses, but usually, little to nothing is done with this data. However, more and more machine builders realise the added value of collecting and data visualisation in the cloud. The more insight you can gain into your machine’s data, the more you can adjust.

With IXON Cloud Logging, data is automatically pulled from the PLC and reliably sent to the cloud using MQTT technology. Easily create live and historical dashboards in the fully web-based platform with drag & drop widgets. Gain useful insights which allow you to optimise productivity, predict maintenance and prevent potential failures.

To provide insight into machine data, IOdash collects data from several machines using IXON’s Cloud Logging. This data is linked to the IOdash platform via the IXON Cloud API. Thanks to in-house technical knowledge, IOdash can flexibly set up their platform according to the customer’s liking. This ensures a customised solution every time.

Data dashboards on the IOdash platform Data dashboards on the IOdash platform

On the IOdash platform, it is possible to create an endless number of dashboards. With user rights, it is easy to manage access to dashboards, both on user level as well as on machine level.

Why did IOdash choose IXON?

Although IOdash is familiar with other Industrial IoT providers it chose to work with the IXON Cloud. One of the prominent reasons being that IXON facilitates a secure connection and is fully web-based. “The design and technical use of IXON Cloud is really outstanding,” says Joris van Kessel, owner of IOdash. “With the insights the platform offers, IXON has really managed to create a gap with its competitors.”

IXON supports many industrial protocols and the API functionality makes it easy to retrieve data. Where IXON is for the mass machine builders, end users are interested in custom work. “Machine builders can quickly read, log and register parameters. We take things one step further by building a customised dashboard for the end user,” Joris explains.

Through support and customisation the customer’s functional requirements can actually be implemented. “Our strength is converting existing data into a clever and insightful dashboard, such as displaying an OEE calculation.” Every device can be linked to the IOdash platform. This can either be through standardised protocols or with customised software provided by IOdash. That’s how they are able to differentiate from platforms that are limited by brand or protocol.

Machine OEE calculation Machine OEE calculation

Added value for machine builders

More machine builders have the desire to move towards IIoT, but there’s still a lot of uncertainty about the best way to go about making such a project successful. Because how do you create real value for yourself and your customer, and how do you realise an IIoT strategy? “You need IoT experts to support you,” says Willem Hofmans, CEO of IXON.

By using an established Industrial IoT platform, such as the IXON Cloud, machine builders no longer have to make major investments in developing their own solution. Moreover, it doesn’t only save time and money, a short time-to-market is realised that allows machine builders to quickly launch their IIoT strategy.

As IXON’s solution is fully scalable, it provides support in the different phases of an IIoT strategy. From industrial remote access to logging machine data or configuring and receiving important notifications.

Making IXON Cloud the best foundation for any IIoT project.

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