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Julia Weijs
Last update: 13-12-2019

[Case study] Remote access: in-house or outsourced development?

Internet-connected devices are increasingly vulnerable to security threats as the Internet of Things continues to grow. That's exactly why IXON’s IoT device, the IXrouter, has a built-in firewall to separate all connected IoT devices from the internet and make sure that connected devices are isolated, yet accessible. On top of that, an ISO 27001-based ISMS ensures the protection of all data in the IXON Cloud, as well as our internal data.

With its three business units — Packaging, Logistics and Incubator — Smart Robotics serves several different markets globally. The necessity to be able to remotely access their robots to see how they’re behaving was established early on. Their aim of developing smart, flexible, safe and user-friendly robotics solutions required an industrial remote access solution with high security standards. For that reason, they debated whether or not to develop their own or find a proven outsourced solution.

Together with Smart Robotics’ Managing Director, Heico Sandee, we reviewed their decision-making process and discussed key factors for choosing the IXON Cloud solution as their way to introduce Robots-as-a-Service. Discover their journey in the case study below.

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