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Julia Weijs
Last update: 17-05-2021

[Case study] How Water IQ International strengthened its market position with the IXON Cloud

An Industrial IoT solution can offer machine builders powerful benefits and reduced costs. While industrial remote access is common practice in the industry, it pays off to go beyond just that. Although data is automatically generated during machine operations, it is usually left untouched. Collecting and visualising historical data can create added value for machine builders by reducing unplanned downtime, predicting maintenance and improving overall productivity.

Water IQ International, specialist in the field of water (re)use in the food and horticulture sectors, had far-reaching ambitions in order to stay ahead of their competition. “We strive to provide solutions that can increase a customer’s company value using water, for example by improving the product quality or production efficiency. That simply requires a data logging and analysis system,” Freddy Dekkers, founder of Water IQ explains. In order to realise this, Water IQ required an Industrial IoT solution which didn't only offer remote access services but also allowed them to access machine data and convert it into actionable insights.

Curious to see how Water IQ achieves their ambitions using the IXON Cloud?

Find out in the case study below.

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Water IQ case study Water IQ case study