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Noortje Vollenberg
Last update: 29-04-2021

5 guaranteed cost savings from a Plug & Play IIoT solution

Time is money.

With a scarcity of skilled people, and hourly wages going up, every hour saved is money earned. So your company should spend its resources wisely.

IXON Cloud is built to make machine builders more successful. So below you’ll find 5 guaranteed cost savings from using a Plug & Play solution like IXON Cloud as your platform for remote access and Industrial IoT platform.

  1. Reduce travel costs for on-site service trips
  2. A time-winning installation process
  3. No unnecessary R&D investments
  4. Avoid labour-intensive and expensive IoT platforms
  5. Reduce recurring costs

1. Reduce travel costs for on-site service trips

Have you noticed how often service engineers have to travel to provide support for a machine on-site? Usually for minor issues that aren’t billable and they could've easily fixed from their desk. That’s a thing of the past with industrial remote access.

A secure VPN connection to your machines helps you save on travel expenses (and prevents wasting your engineers’ valuable time) when solving machine issues. The highest profit comes from integrating an industrial router in all your machines by default. Opening the doors to countless new opportunities, like remote support for your customers or gaining insights into your machine's status for further improvements.

Saving 1: Save on travel expenses for on-site service Saving 1: Save on travel expenses for on-site service

Your (service) engineers can access the machine directly from the office, or any other location worldwide, with IXON’s fast and stable VPN connection to the machine’s PLC or any other connected industrial device. Without worrying about having to install, configure and maintain a custom VPN connection.

Like BMO Automation, you can perform 90% of your machine troubleshooting remotely.

A key benefit of using IXON is that we can now check from the office where the issue is taking place and which component is defective. This way we can provide our service engineers with the right tools and components to swiftly fix the customer’s problem

Rick Kokx
Engineer at BMO Automation

2. A time-winning installation process

We believe that setting up a VPN connection shouldn’t be difficult. It’s time to stop wasting time with complex, labour-intensive solutions, when you could be getting the same work done in less than a quarter of the time.

If you’re spending two hours configuring a router, it quickly becomes a nuisance. When you can do the same within twenty minutes, that’s a huge difference

Michael Eling
Service & Application Engineer at Nidec
Saving 2: Save up to 1.5 hours of configuration time Saving 2: Save up to 1.5 hours of configuration time

That’s why IXON ensures a plug & play setup (see this video), helping you save up to 1.5 hours of configuration time for each machine. So your engineers can spend their time and focus on what they do best: building and maintaining the best machines.

With IXON the set-up is easy. Simply put it on a USB stick and it’ll configure itself. Just the way it should be.

Michael Eling
Service & Application Engineer at Nidec

3. No unnecessary R&D investments

Looking to bring the latest Industry 4.0 innovations to your company? That’s a great move! But innovation is expensive and requires many different areas of expertise.

One way to stop unnecessary R&D spending is to choose one standard, ready-to-go and futureproof IIoT platform. With a fully equipped IIoT platform, you won’t need to invest huge sums of money or spend loads of time developing your own reporting, analysis or predictive maintenance tools.

Saving 3: Stop unnecessary R&D spendings Saving 3: Stop unnecessary R&D spendings

Take IXON Cloud, for example. A ready-to-use solution for data logging, customised dashboards (easily set up with Drag & Drop widgets) and machine alarming. All in one cutting-edge platform that ensures your company is ready for future innovations.

No coding required, fewer costs and takes no time to set up. It's so easy, a child could do it.

[Cloud Logging] is so easy to use, IXON has developed a phenomenal graphic dashboard tool. It’s so comprehensive that many of its functions are still unknown to me, but you can truly do anything with it

Freddy Dekkers
Water IQ International

Need more than IXON can offer? No problem. If you do have certain expertise in-house, the most cost-effective solution is to build upon the IXON Cloud framework. Ensuring short time-to-market and significantly less costs than if you’d have to build it from the ground up.

Follow in the footsteps of groundbreaking companies like Dorset Group, who built their own application on top of IXON Cloud. Dorset Group chose IXON as their established partner for secure connectivity and reliable storage of machine data in the cloud. Thus realising a short time-to-market for their custom application.

4. Avoid labour-intensive and expensive IoT platforms

Industrial IoT is all about availability, intelligence and connectivity of sophisticated industrial devices with advanced controls and analytics. Most remote access or connectivity solutions offer the possibility to integrate with various large IoT platforms (e.g. Azure or AWS).

These are complex systems, not necessarily designed for the industrial sector, that only provides a framework which you can build upon. With solutions such as these, you’ll have to keep in mind the following:

  • You pay a monthly fee for the platform
  • You’ll only get a framework and will still need to build your (custom) application
  • Setting this up requires hiring experts or spending hundreds of hours on development
  • The responsibility of upkeep is yours, including the time and costs necessary to maintain your custom application and its security
Saving 4: No set-up costs, no monthly license fees Saving 4: No set-up costs, no monthly license fees

So how can you avoid that?

With IXON Cloud, you’ll get your free custom IIoT platform in just minutes. The all-in-one solution takes care of everything, from connectivity to remote access to advanced IoT features like data logging and data visualisation.

No unnecessary high set-up costs, no monthly license fee for your platform and no maintenance costs required. All without writing a single line of code.

All the joys of Industrial IoT in one neat, cost-saving package.

5. Reduce recurring costs

Developing is expensive. But then, the recurring costs of maintenance and security upkeep are an often forgotten part of the deal.

24/7 Monitoring, hiring security experts and guaranteeing the uptime of your cloud solution. All recurring activities you can’t miss out on. Yet easily reduced if you entrust your IIoT partner to take care of this for you.

Saving 5: Decrease recurring staff and maintenance costs Saving 5: Decrease recurring staff and maintenance costs

Decrease your recurring staff costs. Our IIoT specialists continuously secure, monitor, maintain and improve the IXON Cloud. You benefit from a stable and up-to-date cloud platform you can rely on.

Configure SMTP servers to send email from the PLC, buying SMS credits and SMS module hardware of rising licence costs when adding new users?

No more license fees and additional hardware required. With unlimited free users and a one-time fee to send (unlimited) email or push notifications, you can easily save on unnecessary costs.

In the past, up to 15 employees would use the same account to log into a machine due to licensing costs. Since we started using IXON, we’ve created a new account whenever someone joins the company

Bart Aernouts
Founder and engineer at AASYS

Don’t wait. Maximise your sales today.

Most IXON Cloud users earn back their investment in one remote service job. Curious to see how fast you can get a return on your investment? Calculate your ROI here.

I think we saved about twenty on-site visits. Twenty roundtrips, plus the cost of manhours, just to fix some minor bugs that you usually won’t be able to invoice. It’s not difficult to calculate that we recouped our investment by more than twofold

Mickael Eling
Service & Application Engineer at Nidec

On top of these 5 guaranteed cost savings, IXON’s solution also helps you create added value so you can boost your revenue. The implementation of Industry 4.0 opens the door to even more benefits. With the right IIoT tool you can:

  • create new business opportunities
  • service your customers better
  • introduce new business models
  • conquer your competition

Tip: 5 business opportunities to upgrade service & payment models

Discover how IXON can maximise your sales: Schedule your online demo or get in contact with a specialist.

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